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Linda Bradford Raschke

Linda Bradford Raschke

  • Full time professional trader since 1981, CTA since 1991.

  • President at LBR Asset Management, more than 21+ years

  • 17th out of 4500 hedge funds for top 5 year performance as rated by BarclayHedge.

  • Partner at FuturePath Trading, LLC, a Futures Brokerage/Technology firm specializing in technology for the high volume professional trader as well as black box hosting.

  • Commodity Pool Operator

  • Member at Pacific Coast Stock Exchange, Philidelphia Stock Exchange

Linda Bradford Raschke has been a full-time, professional trader since 1981. She began as a floor trader and later started LBR Group, a professional money management fi rm. In addition to running successful programs as a CTA, she has been principal trader for several hedge funds and has run commercial hedging programs. Raschke was recognized in Jack Schwager’s book, The New Market Wizards, and is well known for her book, Street Smarts. She has also served on the Board of Directors for the Market Technicians Association.
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[top]On Trading

Raschke is a fan of Wyckoff's trading methods and recommends traders read "The Art of Day Trading".

Raschke gives the following recommendations for all traders:
  • Always put current price action into perspective with historical price action.

  • You don't have to hit the first move to be successful in a trade.

  • The first hour of market trading usually is the most critical, when determining significant highs or lows in a market.

  • Don't try to pick tops or bottoms.

  • Raschke recommends that smaller-scale traders trade shorter timeframes than larger-scale traders.

  • On where and when to take profits and place stops in a market, she says, How much do you want to win or lose? There is never a magic place to take profits or place stops. However, look at "swing moves" and key support and resistance levels closely.

  • Find your own comfort level. The most successful traders like to play the game of trading markets. If you like the game, then you'll play a safe game and enjoy trading.

Raschke gives these three rules based on trading psychology:
  • Believe in "your" trading methodology.

  • Have a good attitude toward trading.

  • Concentrate. "Be 100% in the game."

  • There is no such thing as "mental stops.

[top]Street Smarts by Larry Connors and Linda Bradford Rashcke

The book is full of great trading advice. Here is an excerpt from the preface:

This book has been written by two people who have come to enjoy the process.
We've both discovered we are not the only ones to have made certain mistakes and we've also discovered the same secrets to success ... which we hope to share with you. The single most important secret is this: learn to listen to the markets and do not impose your own will upon them.

Every successful trader we have known has also discovered the necessity for consistency. It is the key to everything-you must trade with a coherent methodology. You must follow a specific trading strategy. Although this book presents multiple strategies, each and every one has the same essential starting point: minimizing risk first, looking to maximize gains only after risk has been defined and controlled.

Between us we have 34 years of experience as floor traders, exchange members, traders on institutional desks, hedge fund managers, and commodity trading advisors - trading for our own accounts the entire time. We hit it off well because our number one guiding belief is that you must, above all, find setups and entries which minimize exposure. The profits come on their own terms.

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