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Could you help me to convert from pinescript to easy lenguaje

Discussion in EasyLanguage Programming

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Could you help me to convert from pinescript to easy lenguaje

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Mulege, Baja California Sur
Posts: 4 since Nov 2022
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Could you help me to convert to easy lenguaje, i backtestet in tradingview since 2012, gives me more than 400% but y want to test in easy lenguaje for get more data
// Get Inputs Long
allow_long = input.bool(title="Allow Long", defval=true, group="inputs long")
fast_length_long ="Fast Length Long", defval=13, group="inputs long")
slow_length_long ="Slow Length Long", defval=19, group="inputs long")
src_long = input.source(title="Source Long", defval=close, group="inputs long")
signal_length_long ="Signal Smoothing Long", minval = 1, maxval = 50, defval = 9, group="inputs long")
sma_source_long = input.string(title="Oscillator MA Type Long", defval="EMA", options=["SMA", "EMA"], group="inputs long")
sma_signal_long = input.string(title="Signal Line MA Type Long", defval="EMA", options=["SMA", "EMA"], group="inputs long")
cross_point_long ="Cross Point Long", defval=0, group="inputs long")
cross_delay_macd_long ="MacD Cross Delay Long", defval=0, group="inputs long")
signal_must_cross_long = input.bool(title="Signal Must Also Cross Long", defval=false, group="inputs long")
cross_delay_signal_long ="Signal Cross Delay Long", defval=0, group="inputs long")

//Get Inputs Short
allow_short = input.bool(title="Allow Short", defval=true, group="inputs short")
fast_length_short ="Fast Length Short", defval=11, group="inputs short")
slow_length_short ="Slow Length Short", defval=20, group="inputs short")
src_short = input.source(title="Source Short", defval=close, group="inputs short")
signal_length_short ="Signal Smoothing Short", minval = 1, maxval = 50, defval = 9, group="inputs short")
sma_source_short = input.string(title="Oscillator MA Type Short", defval="EMA", options=["SMA", "EMA"], group="inputs short")
sma_signal_short = input.string(title="Signal Line MA Type Short", defval="EMA", options=["SMA", "EMA"], group="inputs short")
cross_point_short ="Cross Point Short", defval=0, group="inputs short")
cross_delay_macd_short ="MacD Cross Delay Short", defval=1, group="inputs short")
signal_must_cross_short = input.bool(title="Signal Must Also Cross Short", defval=false, group="inputs short")
cross_delay_signal_short ="Signal Cross Delay Short", defval=0, group="inputs short")

use_stop_loss_long = input.bool(defval=false,title="Use Stop Loss Long", group="Stop/Profit Long")
stop_loss_long_percentage = input.float(defval=1,title="Stop Loss % Long",minval=0.0,step=0.1, group="Stop/Profit Long") * .01
use_take_profit_long = input.bool(defval=false,title="Use Take Profit Long", group="Stop/Profit Long")
take_profit_long_percentage = input.float(defval=1,title="Take Profit % Long",minval=0.0,step=0.1, group="Stop/Profit Long") * .01
use_stop_loss_short = input.bool(defval=true,title="Use Stop Loss Short", group="Stop/Profit Short")
stop_loss_short_percentage = input.float(defval=21,title="Stop Loss % Short",minval=0.0,step=0.1, group="Stop/Profit Short") * .01
use_take_profit_short = input.bool(defval=true,title="Use Take Profit Short", group="Stop/Profit Short")
take_profit_short_percentage= input.float(defval=20,title="Take Profit % Short",minval=0.0,step=0.1, group="Stop/Profit Short") * .01

// Plot colors Long
col_macd_long = input.color(#2962FF, "MACD Line Long", group="Color Settings", inline="MACD")
col_signal_long = input.color(#FF6D00, "Signal Line Long", group="Color Settings", inline="Signal")
col_grow_above_long = input.color(#26A69A, "Grow Above Long", group="Histogram Color Settings", inline="Above Long")
col_fall_above_long = input.color(#B2DFDB, "Fall Above Long", group="Histogram Color Settings", inline="Above Long")
col_grow_below_long = input.color(#FFCDD2, "Grow Below Long", group="Histogram Color Settings", inline="Below Long")
col_fall_below_long = input.color(#FF5252, "Fall Below Long", group="Histogram Color Settings", inline="Below Long")

// Plot colors Short
col_macd_short = input.color(#B03DFF, "MACD Line Short", group="Color Settings", inline="MACD")
col_signal_short = input.color(#00FFE8, "Signal Line Short", group="Color Settings", inline="Signal")
col_grow_above_short = input.color(#D95965, "Grow Above Short", group="Histogram Color Settings", inline="Above Short")
col_fall_above_short = input.color(#4D2024, "Fall Above Short", group="Histogram Color Settings", inline="Above Short")
col_grow_below_short = input.color(#00322D, "Grow Below Short", group="Histogram Color Settings", inline="Below Short")
col_fall_below_short = input.color(#00ADAD, "Fall Below Short", group="Histogram Color Settings", inline="Below Short")

// Calculate Long
fast_ma_long = sma_source_long == "SMA" ? ta.sma(src_long, fast_length_long) : ta.ema(src_long, fast_length_long)
slow_ma_long = sma_source_long == "SMA" ? ta.sma(src_long, slow_length_long) : ta.ema(src_long, slow_length_long)
macd_long = fast_ma_long - slow_ma_long
signal_long = sma_signal_long == "SMA" ? ta.sma(macd_long, signal_length_long) : ta.ema(macd_long, signal_length_long)
hist_long = macd_long - signal_long

// Calculate Short
fast_ma_short = sma_source_short == "SMA" ? ta.sma(src_short, fast_length_short) : ta.ema(src_short, fast_length_short)
slow_ma_short = sma_source_short == "SMA" ? ta.sma(src_short, slow_length_short) : ta.ema(src_short, slow_length_short)
macd_short = fast_ma_short - slow_ma_short
signal_short = sma_signal_short == "SMA" ? ta.sma(macd_short, signal_length_short) : ta.ema(macd_short, signal_length_short)
hist_short = macd_short - signal_short

//Plot Long
plot(hist_long, title="Histogram Long", style=plot.style_columns, color=(hist_long>=0 ? (hist_long[1] < hist_long ? col_grow_above_long : col_fall_above_long) : (hist_long[1] < hist_long ? col_grow_below_long : col_fall_below_long)))
plot(macd_long, title="MACD Long", color=col_macd_long)
plot(signal_long, title="Signal Long", color=col_signal_long)

//Plot Short
plot(hist_short, title="Histogram Short", style=plot.style_columns, color=(hist_short>=0 ? (hist_short[1] < hist_short ? col_grow_above_short : col_fall_above_short) : (hist_short[1] < hist_short ? col_grow_below_short : col_fall_below_short)))
plot(macd_short, title="MACD Short", color=col_macd_short)
plot(signal_short, title="Signal Short", color=col_signal_short)

var detectedLongCrossOver = false
var detectedShortCrossUnder = false

detectedShortCrossUnder := true
detectedShortCrossUnder := false

detectedLongCrossOver := true
detectedLongCrossOver := false

crossover_signal_long = ta.crossover(signal_long,cross_point_long)
crossunder_signal_long = ta.crossunder(signal_long,cross_point_long)

crossunder_signal_short = ta.crossunder(signal_short,cross_point_short)
crossover_signal_short = ta.crossover(signal_short,cross_point_short)

crossover_macd_long = ta.crossover(macd_long,cross_point_long)
crossunder_macd_long = ta.crossunder(macd_long,cross_point_long)

crossunder_macd_short = ta.crossunder(macd_short,cross_point_short)
crossover_macd_short = ta.crossover(macd_short,cross_point_short)

inEntry = false
//Strategy Entries
if (strategy.equity > 0) //This is required for the input optimizer to work since it will fail if the strategy fails to succeed by not having enough equity.

if (strategy.position_size <= 0 and allow_long==true and inEntry==false)
longSignalCondition = detectedLongCrossOver==true and crossover_signal_long[cross_delay_signal_long]
strategy.entry(id="long", direction=strategy.long, when=longSignalCondition)
longMacDCondition = crossover_macd_long[cross_delay_macd_long]
strategy.entry(id="long", direction=strategy.long, when=longMacDCondition)
if (strategy.position_size >= 0 and allow_short==true and inEntry==false)
shortSignalCondition = detectedShortCrossUnder and crossunder_signal_short[cross_delay_signal_short]
strategy.entry(id="short", direction=strategy.short, when=shortSignalCondition)
shortMacDCondition = crossunder_macd_short[cross_delay_macd_short]
strategy.entry(id="short", direction=strategy.short, when=shortMacDCondition)
if(strategy.position_size > 0 and allow_long==true and allow_short==false)
strategy.close(id="long", when=detectedLongCrossOver==false and crossunder_signal_long)
strategy.close(id="long", when=crossunder_macd_long)
if(strategy.position_size < 0 and allow_short==true and allow_long==false)
strategy.close(id="short", when=detectedShortCrossUnder==false and crossover_signal_short)
strategy.close(id="short", when=crossover_macd_short)

stop_loss_value_long = strategy.position_avg_price*(1 - stop_loss_long_percentage)
take_profit_value_long = strategy.position_avg_price*(1 + take_profit_long_percentage)
stop_loss_value_short = strategy.position_avg_price*(1 + stop_loss_short_percentage)
take_profit_value_short = strategy.position_avg_price*(1 - take_profit_short_percentage)

if(strategy.position_size>0) //Long positions only
strategy.exit(id="TP/SL Long",from_entry="long", limit=use_take_profit_long ? take_profit_value_long : na, stop=use_stop_loss_long ? stop_loss_value_long : na)
if(strategy.position_size<0) //Short positions only
strategy.exit(id="TP/SL Short",from_entry="short", limit=use_take_profit_short ? take_profit_value_short : na, stop=use_stop_loss_short ? stop_loss_value_short : na)

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syswizard's Avatar
Philadelphia PA
Experience: Advanced
Platform: Multicharts
Broker: Ironbeam, Rithmic
Trading: Emini ES / NQ / CL / RTY / YM / BTC
Posts: 344 since Jan 2019
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doko94 View Post
Could you help me to convert to easy language, i backtested in tradingview since 2012, gives me more than 400% but I want to test in easy language for get more data

Whew, that's a lot of code. I would say that Easy Language would be about 1/4 of that code size.

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