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London UK
Posts: 229 since Oct 2014

Ethereal whirlpool of light grows into a giant, perfect spiral above Alaska. What was it?

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London UK
Posts: 229 since Oct 2014

What Is a Hybrid Solar Eclipse? -

April 20 hybrid solar eclipse: An observer's guide -

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London UK
Posts: 229 since Oct 2014


The scope of the semiconductor industry as portrayed in the Media is incomplete - distorted and fosters the impression that Manufacture Foundries (Fabs - fabrication plants) are the be-all & end-all of semiconductor creation. This is no more true than fostering the impression that Apple products are of Chinese design, creation and origination.

The composite semiconductor industry is made up of 4 industries each vitally dependent on the other:
  1. Design (US dominant)
  2. Electronic Design Automation (EDA) - vital software for Design - EDA is required to deal with the vast complexity of advance Design (US dominant - Synopsys is the largest provider of EDA technology in the industry.)
  3. Extreme Ultra-Violet Lithography (EUV) Machines - vital for Manufacture Foundries (ASML - Neitherlands extremely dominant)
  4. Manufacture Foundries - Fabs (TSMC - Taiwan & Samsung - South Korea dominant)
ASML’s EUV lithography system is required for printing all the world’s most advanced semiconductors. In 2021 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Samsung and Intel made up nearly 84% of ASML business.

source: phylos - this information can be verified via relevant and bona fide sources freely available on the internet.

With 47% of sales in 2019, the U.S. is the global leader in semiconductors, though much of the manufacturing happens in Asia. Five of the biggest eight semiconductor companies are based in the U.S. While China imports vast amounts of semiconductors to plug into computers, phones and much more, its companies have 5% of total semiconductor sales.

Top 8 Semiconductor Companies in billions: 1: Intel (US) $74, 2: Samsung (S.Korea) $60, 3: TSMC (Taiwan) $45, 4: SK Hynix (S.Korea) $26, 5: Micron (US) $22, 6: Qualcomm (US) $19, 7: Broadcom (US) $17, 8: Nvdia (US) $16.

Source: University of Southern California -

Nvidia's HUGE AI Breakthrough (Bigger Than ChatGPT)

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London UK
Posts: 229 since Oct 2014

Defining a "Qubit"

What is a qubit? In this video recorded at one of our San Francisco Quantum Computing Meetups, Riccardo Manenti explains what a "qubit" is, and how we fabricate and operate quantum circuits at Rigetti Computing. This presentation is intended to give a conceptual-level understanding of gate-based superconducting quantum circuits.

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London UK
Posts: 229 since Oct 2014

Quantum Computing: A Primer

Quantum Computing: It’s Not Just the Qubits

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London UK
Posts: 229 since Oct 2014

Quantum computing is a type of computation whose operations can harness the phenomena of quantum mechanics, such as -
  • superposition,
  • entanglement
  • and interference
Code IBM Quantum Computer

Three Plans:
  1. Open Plan (Free)
  2. Pay-As-You-Go
  3. Premium
Learn with IBM Quantum Experience

Running an experiment in the IBM Quantum Experience

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London UK
Posts: 229 since Oct 2014

Comment re post #45 - Quantum Computing: A Primer

While most of the content will be run-of-the-mill to those with exposure to engineering / science / technology / boolean algebra - gate logic / linear algebra / etc., it will not be so intuitive to those without exposure.

I draw attention to the minimum takeaway - the fundamental difference between classical computing and quantum computing.

  • The fundamental utilized physical property is electrical conductivity.
  • The performed operations are boolean algebra applications.
  • The fundamental utilized physical property is qauntum mechanics.
  • The performed operations are linear algebra applications.
Free Linear Algebra resources: Free Boolean Algebra resources are availble from same as above and other.

In 1847, George Boole developed Boolean algebra, a fundamental concept in binary logic, which laid the groundwork for the algebra of logic tradition.

The introduction of linear algebra in the West dates back to the year 1637, when René Descartes develop the concept of coordinates under a geometric approach, known today as Cartesian geometry.

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London UK
Posts: 229 since Oct 2014

Meet The Plastic Eating Worms | Planet Fix | BBC Earth Lab

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London UK
Posts: 229 since Oct 2014

Sweden is building the world's first permanent electrified road for EVs to charge while driving -

How Electric Roads Could Power the Future

Electric buses: Why were trolleybuses ever scrapped?

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London UK
Posts: 229 since Oct 2014

Was Brian Cox wrong on Pauli Exclusion Principle

Pauli Exclusion Principle

What are the Pauli Exclusion Principle, Aufbau Principle, and Hunds Rule?

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