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We are NexusFi, the central hub for traders worldwide where you will improve your financial intelligence. Our name reflects our core values and purpose:

"Nexus" represents a central link or connection, a coming together of different elements. In the context of our community, 'Nexus' symbolizes the central hub where traders of all levels and from various markets come together, forming a cohesive, interconnected network.

"Fi" stands for Financial Intelligence. This signifies the collective wisdom and insights within our community, empowering our members to make informed trading decisions.

As the best trading community on the planet, we take pride in our diverse and dedicated member base of over 150,000 traders from around the globe, including over 20,000 Elite Members who have each made a one-time commitment of $149, reflecting their dedication to trading.


At NexusFi, our slogan is "Find Your Edge" and that is the ultimate goal. In order to help achieve it, we maintain a friendly, positive, and forward-thinking community where members can openly share and discuss everything the world of trading has to offer. Alongside this, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, constantly developing new tools and resources to help our members thrive in their trading journeys. This community is one of the friendliest you will find on any subject, with members consistently going out of their way to help others.


What truly sets NexusFi apart from other trading communities is the high standard of our content and interactions. We have a large group of community leaders who work tirelessly to maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere. Any content that is rude, offensive, or irrelevant is swiftly moderated. This ensures that every piece of content on our site is relevant and valuable, saving our members from having to sift through unnecessary bickering or trolling to find quality information. This commitment to maintaining a high-quality, respectful environment is a cornerstone of our community and is integral to the NexusFi experience.


NexusFi boasts an impressive membership of over 150,000 traders from around the globe, with more than 4M pageviews monthly. We also see around 500 New Users monthly, a fantastic source for leads for our Site Sponsors. Each New User is shown the products and services from our sponsors on the primary Elite Membership landing page.


Our members comprise a diverse mix of traders, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Approximately 65% of our members are aged 25-44, showing a strong presence of young, tech-savvy individuals who are keen on harnessing the power of collective financial intelligence. Approximately 70% of our members are trading live accounts, with 50% of them defining themselves as a "full-time trader".


June 2009, the community began as Big Mike Trading. Big Mike, a nickname from high school, was a NinjaTrader futures trader and active in the NinjaTrader community and other trading forums. He started his own blog in 2008, and a natural progression was to create a full website where traders could share ideas. Not being too creative at the time, it was simply named "Big Mike Trading" (

Big Mike describes his reasons for creating a new trading community:
"I was fed up with the other trading communities that existed at the time, and the seemingly never ending rude behavior that was running rampant in those communities. I felt I could do better, and Big Mike Trading was born."

Our community has excelled at being a friendly environment for traders to help each other, with an excellent "signal to noise" ratio. Over the years, our community has grown at a rapid pace while other trading communities experienced major downturns.

October 2015, the next step in our journey together was announced. We shed our old name, conceived of when the site was made up of only a few dozen members, and embraced a new name that better reflects the core of our community -- futures io -- predominantly futures traders.

August 2023, a new vision and new plan is in place to expand our reach to all traders and all markets, with a new slogan "Find Your Edge" driving our plans. No longer just for futures traders... our final name is now proudly NexusFi. Nexus represents a coming together point, a central hub for traders. Fi represents Financial Intelligence and is how all of our traders are increasing their financial intelligence as they participate in our community.


Karla & Mike
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Mike Boulter, or Big Mike as he is known on the site, has been trading most of his life -- beginning at the age of 18. Born and raised as a Texan, he moved to Ecuador at age 36 to fulfill his life-long dream of retiring in a place with beautiful weather and a view to wake up to every day. In Ecuador, he found both -- ocean views, and a perfect climate. To his surprise, he also found Karla, now his beautiful and loving wife, Ecuadorian. Karla was just returning from a Department of Defense contract in Djibouti and met Mike helping him import his household goods container from the States to Ecuador!

Mike has been a "computer guy" since age 10. His professional career outside of trading was in the information technology sector, and his hobbies always included continually evolving his knowledge of computers and programming languages.

Mike founded the community knowing he could do better than what was available for traders. Relying heavily upon his technical skills, programming knowledge, and trading expertise, he created the community and to remains active in it.

You may have noticed a dog theme throughout the site with user avatar photos. This began because of Mike's love of Labradors (he has three). In fact, since 2009, Mike has always featured a Labrador as his avatar photo alongside his posts in the community.


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