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May 27th, 2020
Size: 359.17 KB
Downloaded: 57 times
SuperTrend Color Background 5 *
This is just a modification of Super Trend Stop Indicator (already included in Sierra Chart).
It colors the background between the SuperTrend Line and the price (highlight)

Version 1.0 Compiled under Sierra Chart Version 1239.
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Details: SuperTrend Color Background

March 22nd, 2015
Size: 11.27 KB
Downloaded: 551 times
ECIVwap 5 *
This tool includes few VWAP based indicators :
* ECIVwap
* ECIVwapAnchorVwap
* ECIVwapChannel
* ECIVwapBracket

Version 1.4 Compiled under V1210.

The ECIVwap computes Volume Weighted Average Price for Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly periods, and draws extensions of previous periods.
Vwap computation tries to be as accurate as possible since using volume at all prices in each bar, and is compatible with Sierra Vwap when using "Base on Underlying Data" option.
This is also true for the standard deviation calculation.

The ECIVwapAnchor uses Vwap computation algorithm, but the start and end dates are can be set in different ways (manually, automatically, at major reversal points, etc.).

The ECIVwapChannel uses Vwap computation algorithm, but draws a vwap channel of a user based period number of bars.

The ECIVwapBracket uses Vwap computation algorithm, and draws a vwap until price breaks out of bottom/top levels 4 (excess levels).

To install : download and unzip the archive. Put the DLL in C:\SierraChart\Data .

ECIVwap tools are shipped under GPL and also available in the SierraChart contributed studies.

Happy trading

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Details: ECIVwap

December 11th, 2014
Size: 44.23 KB
Downloaded: 1083 times
Excel Spreadsheet for tracking Price Action trades
I think you will need at least Excel 2007 for this, I have Excel 2010
I am using Price Action Setups on NQ for day trading and this spreadsheet uses the Statistics from Sierra Chart Trade Statistics report and data that I collect after each trade.
I include a Notes.docx on how to start out and for ongoing.
My price action setups won't be the same as yours. The last sheet is called Data Validation and you would enter your Trading Strategies, Support Reasons, Error reasons etc. here to customize to your own Price Action strategies.
I don't do anything fancy in Excel. You can easily use the Excel help to learn the basics to make this work for you.

This could be converted to use NinjaTrader trade stats.
V1.0 - July 20, 2014
V1.1 - I discovered a hidden Row (#23) which does not get cleared when you 'clear contents'. This affects your Pivot Tables because you have data in row #23 you don't see in the Data Worksheet. I tried Unhiding the row in the Data worksheet using Home > Format > hide - unhide rows which didn't work for me. I needed to type A23 in the top left home cell of the Data Worksheet to highlight Row #23 then I was able to use Home > Format > Hide - Unhide and then clear contents of this row. Hope this helps
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Details: Excel Spreadsheet for tracking Price Action trades

June 20th, 2014
Size: 287.50 KB
Downloaded: 230 times
ZigZag Price Osc 5 *
This spreadsheet study produces an oscillator of the relationship of price to the previous zigzag swing high/low.

Unzip the attached and put the contents in your Sierra Chart \Data folder, then click on Analysis >> ZigZag Price Osc-

The formulas use the Last price as the reference. If you want it based on something else, edit the formulas in cells K3 and L3, replacing E4 with your preferred row 4 reference or formula.

Compatibility: New Spreadsheets


8/26/2016 Updated to New Spreadsheets version.
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Details: ZigZag Price Osc

January 14th, 2014
Size: 176.19 KB
Downloaded: 928 times
VWAP ExtendPrev 5 *
This spreadsheet study will extend the previous periodís ending VWAP values into the current period. This study works on intraday charts and historical charts using any of the VWAP Time Period Types (except Minutes).

Unzip the attached and put the contents in your Sierra Chart \Data folder, then click on Analysis >> VWAP ExtendPrev-

Set the Time Period Type in cell J1 to match the Time Period Type in the VWAP study settings.

Both the VWAP Time Period Type and cell J1 must be a greater interval than the chart bar.

The default subgraph settings show only the VWAP and the first band. If you want to see the other bands, set the Draw Styles of the other subgraphs to something other than Ignore.

The study collection will load the correct spreadsheet study with the correct settings, and it will add an instance of the Volume Weighted Average Price study. If you already have the VWAP study added to your chart, you can remove the instance this study collection adds.

The formulas on the spreadsheet assume the VWAP study appears in columns AA-AI. Either move the VWAP study to the top of the Studies to Graph list, or edit the formulas in cells K3-S3 to reference the correct VWAP columns.

This spreadsheetís formulas are built on Sheet1, which corresponds to Chart #1. If you apply this study to a different chart number, you must copy the contents of cells I1-J2 on Sheet1 to cells I1-J2 of the corresponding Sheet#.

Compatibility: New Spreadsheets versions


8/26/2016 Updated to New Spreadsheets version.
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Details: VWAP ExtendPrev

July 19th, 2013
Size: 48.04 KB
Downloaded: 326 times
Multi-Line Renko Chart
Per request (although subsequently realized I fulfilled the wrong request ), modified the enhanced renko chart so that the reversal bar size can be customized. Didn't do any testing on it, so don't use it for live trading until you can validate it's accuracy and pm me if you find an issues.
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Details: Multi-Line Renko Chart

June 4th, 2013
Size: 22.89 KB
Downloaded: 246 times
Super Duper Trend Stop
Modified the Super Trend Stop so it can be applied to any study, i.e. your favorite moving average. Default study is #1, so make sure you change it or you may get some interesting results.

Also added color bars and an option to use Standard Deviations for the volatility calculations, concept being on range/renko type bars the Standard Deviation calculation would do a better job determining volatility than ATR. That said, upon initial review (i.e. last 5 minutes or so ) the ATR method still seems superior. Std Dev may be useful for scalping short term breaks outs or counter trading chop? Not sure, just some initial ideas. Anyway, I just made this thing, it seems ok, but let me know if it has issues.
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Details: Super Duper Trend Stop

January 18th, 2013
Size: 44.32 KB
Downloaded: 324 times
Ichimoku with Spreadsheet for Alert 5 *
DO NOT DOWNLOAD, what I put here is ALL GARBAGE, I will fix ASAP
BMT associate Manesh Patel has given several fine seminars on Ichimoku indicators and their use. I developed an Ichimoku Study with Spreadsheet for Alert for Sierra Chart and include it here. It consists of 3 screens. 1 screen with 16 charts and a spreadsheet on your right monitor and 2 screens with higher TF on your left monitor. I coded up conditions to indicate when to buy or sell according to Manesh's rules in the spreadsheet. Small red and green arrows appear on the chart when buy/sell conditions are satified. You can open the spreadsheet and change these to more suit your trading thoughts. I also include a How To file in MS Word to help you load the files and work with the Spreadsheet.
V1.1 - updated How to with User Parms in Spreadsheet, that I forgot about
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Details: Ichimoku with Spreadsheet for Alert

October 4th, 2012
Size: 690.30 KB
Downloaded: 183 times
P/L After Commissions spreadsheet 4 *
Built in 892, but should work in some earlier versions.
This spreadsheet calculates your profit/loss after commissions, based on 3 data:
Daily PL
Net PL
-The calculation subtracts the full round trip commission per contract, even if you still have a position open.
-This is a standalone study that does not require any other studies for its calculations, but it is intended to be used with the Text (Large) Display for Study study, so that you can display any/all of the 3 values anywhere in the chart region. The chart in the pic is only an example.

-Unzip the attached file, put the contents in your Sierra Chart \data folder.
-Focus your chart, click on Analysis >> PL After Comm-
-When asked 'Clear existing studies on chart?' , choose No.
-Enter your round trip commissions in cell J2.
-It is recommended that you use the PL After Comm-.StdyCollct file because it loads the correct spreadsheet study and contains the correct settings.
-This spreadsheet study uses the Spreadsheet System for Trading study because it the only study that has the required outputs. To assure that it does not cause erroneous entries, autotrading has been disabled in cell J28. Furthermore, do not put any formulas in columns K,L,M,N.

Update: You may instead want to consider using the Trading: Profit/Loss Text study now that it has the option to deduct commissions from the DPL, NPL, and OpenPL. However, it does not subtract the full round trip commission per contract when you still have a position open.
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Details: P/L After Commissions spreadsheet

September 14th, 2012
Size: 7.26 KB
Downloaded: 292 times


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