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Turtle TS-code help needed from programmers

Discussion in EasyLanguage Programming

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Turtle TS-code help needed from programmers

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I am relatively new to Tradestation and would need some help from expierenced TS programmers in understanding below attached Turtle strategy.

I am hoping that there are some members which can help me to fully understand below code.

Below is the first part of mentioned Turtle strategy attached, including my comments as I think the instrcutions will be executed, on some statements I simply have no clue what they are really doing, hopefully some members can explain them in detail.

Currently I donīt think it makes sense to post the entire strategy, so I will go ahead and post below the first part

In BLUE are my comments, as I said, would be great if somebody can tell me if my analysis of below code is correct and on sections where I simply donīt know whats going on if possible please provide some further assistance.

Thanks a lot to everbody!

Below are the first 30% of given TS code:

[LegacyColorValue = true];
{ Turtle mode #2 Ver.0.1.0 03.02.2005}

Input: DistH(4),DistL(4),Account(10000),MaxPercRisk(1),MaxOpenEntry(4);





if Barnumber=1 then begin {Start with 1 bar on chart}
VALUE29=-1; {Numeric value set to -1, for later usage, currently donīt know the meaning of -1}
VALUE38=-1; {Numeric value set to -1, for later usage, currently donīt know the meaning of -1}

{"CurrentEntries" -->numbers of entries currentlyopen, assigned to"cCurrentEntires"}

{AvgEntryPrice --> Average price of all currently open entries --> assigned to "cAvgEntryPrice"}

{CurrentContracts --> Number of contracts currently open --> assigned to "cCurrentContracts"}

if (cCurrentEntries>cCurrentEntries[1]) then begin
{(cCurrentEntries>cCurrentEntries[1]) --> if "cCurrentEntries" is bigger that the one from yesterday, but so far there are no trades made, value for both is still 0, condition not met, jump to next "if" --> if (cCurrentEntries=0 and cCurrentEntries[1]<>0) then begin}

cEntryPrice=(CurrentContracts*AvgEntryPrice-cCurrentContracts[1]*cAvgEntryPrice[1]) / (CurrentContracts-cCurrentContracts[1]);
{Calculation for var "cEntryprice" --> (Number of currently held contracts * average price of all currently open entries) - ( values from yesterday) / (currently held contract - the ones from yesterday)}

--> same thing: currently no trades in progress, all vars still set to 0
--> What does "cEntryPrice" basically say? actually donīt understand the meaning of this calculation.

if MarketPosition=1 then begin
{ if long than continue --> condition not met, no trades in progress}

{ I guess thatīs the "2N" initial stop calculation according to Turtle rules}

{no idea...., whats the meaning of this "NextHigh"?}

{no idea...., whats the meaning of this "NextHigh"?}

{predefined vars, as above. Whatīs the reason to have them all on -1?)

{predefined vars, as above)

{predefined vars, as above)

{predefined vars, as above)

else begin
SExitStop=TicksRound(cEntryPrice+2*XAverage(TrueRange,20)); {same as above, just SExit)
NextLow=cEntryPrice-0.5*XAverage(TrueRange,20); {no idea...., whats the meaning of this?}
NextLow=TicksRound(NextLow-TicksMTS(NextLow)); {no idea...., whats the meaning of this?}
{predefined vars, as above. Whatīs the reason to have them all on -1?)
SellLimit=-1; {predefined vars, as above)
BarUntil=-1; {predefined vars, as above)
VALUE38=-1; {predefined vars, as above)

{ Date & Time line for multiple entries Buy / Sell }
value99=date; {predefined numeric values --> date}
value98=time; {predefined numeric value --> time}

if (cCurrentEntries=0 and cCurrentEntries[1]<>0) then begin
{cCurrentEntries is 0, but cCurrentEnties from yesterday is equal to 0 --> condition not met to proceed, so far no trades made}

if VALUE29>=0 then {so far value29 is still set to 0, cannot proceed}

TL_Delete(VALUE29); {delete trendline}

{in case value29 changed --> now re-setting "value29" to -1}
if VALUE38>=0 then {so far value38 is still set to 0, cannot proceed}
TL_Delete(VALUE38); {delete trendline}
VALUE38=-1; {in case value38 changed --> now re-setting "value38" to -1}

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