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NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More
Indicators and Files in this section are compatible with NinjaTrader 8

ZombiePack9 Indicators 5 *
Zombie Pack 9 includes Zombie AccountInfo, Zombie BarTimer, Zombie BBMACD, Zombie Candles, Zombie Candles Plain, Zombie EMA, Zombie EMA Cloud, Zombie Levels, Zombie NetPriceChange, Zombie PowerBox, Zombie PowerLine, Zombie PriceInfo, Zombie TradeMarkers, Zombie Trail, and Zombie ZigZag indicators. Zombie ZigZag & Zombie Trade Markers had significant contributions from other authors.

- Zombie AccountInfo shows the unrealized PnL, total PnL, and active orders/positions
- Zombie BarTimer shows the remaining time on the current bar before it closes.
- Zombie BBMACD helps identify the medium term trend
- Zombie Candles helps identify the medium term trend
- Zombie Candles Plain provide classic candle colors with the ability to change to candle outline and body colors (optional)
- Zombie EMA identifies the medium term trend
- Zombie EMA Cloud helps identify the medium term trend
- Zombie Levels includes horizontal lines for 100 levels and previous close
- Zombie Net Price Change shows the percentage difference from previous session close price
- Zombie PowerBox identifies the price range and can draw attention early to a structure change
- Zombie PowerLine identifies the medium term trend and pullback location
- Zombie PriceInfo provides PnL for any open positions and pricing for the current instrument
- Zombie Setup Tracker helps identify the amount of energy in the market and in which direction
- Zombie Trade Markers to help with trade review
- Zombie Trail helps to identify new micro trends (includes setup alerts, sound file, and candle colors)
- Zombie Wave 1/2 helps to identify short and long term trends
- Zombie ZigZag helps identify swing highs & lows


ZombiePack 9 v1.074

Change Log
12/14/2023 v1.074 - Added StingRay
09/30/2023 v1.072 - Added ZLines
08/3/2023 v1.070 - Added KLines
05/26/2023 v1.064 - Added bar count down
05/24/2023 v1.061 - Fixed issue with position average price
05/23/2023 v1.060 - Updated Keltner Channel
05/22/2023 v1.059 - Fixed issue with position average price
05/06/2023 v1.053 - Improved plots in two indicators
05/05/2023 v1.052 - Improved stability
03/27/2023 v1.040 - Improved performance
02/23/2023 v1.034 - Added Stacked and Boosted setups to Zombie9Candles
01/30/2023 v1.029 - Added support for zombie setups and creepers in the Zombie9Candles
01/19/2023 v1.028 - Added background color control to BBMACD & EMA
01/08/2023 v1.027 - Added TradeMarkers to support trade review (rfk)
10/30/2022 v1.025 - Added SetupTracker to support Creeper setups
10/20/2022 v1.022 - Optimization and bug fixes
10/14/2022 v1.021 - Changed several default settings
10/11/2022 v1.020 - Added AccountInfo indicator
09/27/2022 v1.018 - Changed several default colors and reduced default lines
09/15/2022 v1.016 - Updates to Zombie9Candles
08/26/2022 v1.015 - Changed several default values & added Zombie9Candles
05/23/2022 v1.010 - Added Zombie9BBMACD and changed several default values
04/11/2022 v1.009 - Added ZombieTracker and changed several default values
03/11/2022 v1.008 - Added Wave1 & Wave2 with color slope
02/22/2022 v1.005 - Fixed trail sound playing on alerts
02/20/2022 v1.004 - Changed several defaults and improved the EMA
02/04/2022 v1.003 - Changed several defaults and added PowerLine, Stochastic, MACD
01/25/2022 v1.001 - Initial release

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Category: NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 

October 12th, 2023
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