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BuySellVolumeTotal with Data Persistence 5 *
Feb 18: Version Update

NEW! Version G35 updated on Feb 18. (If you already have an older version, please remove it before importing this latest version, or the import may fail. The installer was prepared by NT7. If the import into NT6.5 fails, remove the info.xml file from the zip folder and try the import again.) All volumes now display as integers. In zero centered mode, trades above the ask and below the bid are overlaid on the buy and sell bars in colors you can select. Set those colors to transparent if you do not want to see those trades. In the new BelowBidAndAboveAsk filtermode, ONLY the volumes of trades meeting those criteria are shown.

Zero-Centered display option shows buy volume above, and sell volume below, the zero line. PaintSpecialColor setting assigns a different color to bars having buy and sell volume within 5% of each other. The buy, sell, and total volumes can be set to any desired widths without hiding each other. You can choose to show the actual values from the zero line of buy and sell volume, or show the bar composition, where the buy and sell volumes are stacked to equal the total volume.

This screen shot has FIVE instances of the indicator showing the different display options. If you change the colors, note that BuyVolume and BuyVolume2 should be the same color.

For data persistence it is best to have an environment variable named GOMFOLDER, which designates a destination folder that can be located and named any way you choose. If there is no GOMFOLDER Environment Variable, the data files will be stored in your My Documents folder. You also need a GomRecorderIndicator that is "Recording OK". You can turn on recording from the settings panel of THIS indicator without having to run a separate GomRecorder.

Only Total Volume will be plotted for periods when the GomRecorder was not "Recording OK".

Gomi made this possible, with his outstanding, incredible, generous contributions. Note the "Recording Off" text in the lower left corner of the indicator windows. That shows that this indicator is a subclass of the GomRecorder Indicator.

Many thanks to ZTrade101 for great ideas and inspiring feedback, and to RJay for valuable insights into market action.

I recommend running CalcuateOnBarClose=false. Ninjatrader 7 is more efficient, so is preferred to keep CPU usage reasonable.

NinjaTrader 6.5: YES
NinjaTrader 7.0: YES (sam028)

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: BuySellVolumeTotal with Data Persistence
Category: The Elite Circle 

January 22nd, 2010
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