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DoubleZ Trading Suite FOR NT7 ONLY 5 *
Trading Suite Developed by Zondor and ZTrade101. Makes extensive use of the GomRecorder so once again, merci beaucoup, Gomi !!
(Note: When a trade occurs at or above the ask it's a "buy", and when at or below the bid, it's a "sell".) Package contents:


BetterBuySellVolume: Based on Barry Taylor's Better Volume concept, but instead of using upticks and downticks, it gets buy and sell volumes from the GomRecorder. Use with calculate on bar close = false and watch it evaluate each bar in real time, often changing its mind right up until the bar completes. Equivolume mode must be used for charts with Constant Volume intervals. May load very slowly on charts with more than a few hundred bars back. X=climax (local maximum of product of buy volume or sell volume times range), u=Up, D=Down, C=Churn, Lo=Low Volume. Set markers = True to mark the bars with these legends right on the Price Panel. There are various different ways of detecting the criteria. I hope you will look at the code and let me know what you think!

This one has a lot of potential for improvement. The criteria detection algorithms could be refined. Additional conditions, such as volume patterns and stopping volume, could be tested for. The method of storing condition status in a string is clunky and can be streamlined. Please share your ideas so that we can make this MORE Better.

TickMoneyFlowOscillator Using GomRecorder data, calculates the product of buy volume and price, or sell volume and price, adding or subtracting the product from a cumulative total. Then an MA of the total is subtracted from the total to make it oscillate. The color is based on whether the cumulative total, not the oscillator, is rising or falling. I like to overlay this on the price panel, with the price scale on the right and the TMFO scale on the left. Sometimes this gives nice clues about which way things will go out of a sideways congestion zone.

TradeSizeDistribution Using GomRecorder data, looks at each incoming trade and sorts its volume into one of several "buckets" based on whether the trade is a buy (plots above zero) or a sell (plots below zero). Then the trades on each side of zero are grouped and summed within 4 size ranges (small, medium, large, extra large) and grouped together. The breakpoints for the size groups are the lower volume limit... etc user settings which you must set based on the way your instrument trades. A medium size trade in the ES would be an extra large trade in the YM, etc.. You have the option of either displaying the VOLUME of trades within each size range, or the NUMBER OF TRADES within each size range!

DomBandHybrid is a persistent version of ZTrade's Dom bands indicator that achieves data persistence with a data recorder. The new ZondorRecorder (based on the GomRecorder, of course!) is customized to record LEVEL 2 data. When run in real time, the Level 2 data come directly from the OnMarketDepth Method. This avoids the errors that the GomRecorder is subject to under certain conditions (because of Ninja Trader's coarse time stamping). If the chart is changed or refreshed, the previous bars in a real time only indicator would disappear. But in this version, they are reloaded from the ZondorRecorder; then from that point forward until the next refresh, all data will come directly from the OnMarketDepth Method. This indicator generates run time errors, but they are handled, and appear in the Output Window as Trapped Exceptions. Therefore they do not crash the program. Would certainly appreciate if anyone can help me diagnose the cause of the errors.

JMA7MC is a version of the JMA moving average with true multi color plotting of a single plot using the PlotColors Method. That method does not exist in NT6.5.

The BMT CollectiveMA and Envelope Expansion were modified to force the Collective MA to rapidly converge upon the price series. However when setting these up, you need to go back at least one previous day, or they will not plot anything.

See These Posts for Trendline Alert Info & TrendLineAlertCustom & NT Video near minute 21 explains this new feature.

See discussion about recording in Binary vs Flat for GOM & Zondor Recorders.

Instructions for the ZondorRecorder: This is a customized version of the GomRecorder for LEVEL 2 data. The recording and playback work almost the same. The ZondorRecorder stores data in files prefixed with DOMBANDS, so a typical file name would be DOMBANDSCL-05-10_binary.dat. The DOMBANDS prefix ensures that these files will not have the same names as files made by the GomRecorder. By default the files will be placed in the My Documents folder. If you want to store them somewhere else, create a Windows Environment Variable with the Name ZONDORFOLDER and the Value being the valid path to your designated storage folder. ( Refer to Lines 207 and 236 of the .cs file.)

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: DoubleZ Trading Suite FOR NT7 ONLY
Category: The Elite Circle 

March 11th, 2010
Size: 74.10 KB
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