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NinjaTrader 7 Miscellaneous
Downloads in this section are for NinjaTrader 7 and include files that don't fit into any other category (ie: Market Replay Data, Custom Bar Types)

HowTo Setup the FTSE 100 stocks with Yahoo & NT7
In this post I'll describe how to quickly setup the FTSE 100 stock list in NT7.

It is a pity that there is no easy "just import" and share these list stock list with all the mappings to the different brokers like Yahoo, Google Interactive Brokers etc yet.

I have already request the NT-team to implement a full import/export of the Instrument Manager, however I hope they do.
Please add you're support on this threat Here is you like this idea too.

How to create the FTSE 100 in Ninjatrader with Yahoo data source
I presume you already created a Yahoo as data source if not, look around how to do this.

Here is how you import all the FTSE 100 tickers at ounce:
First open the Yahoo Page with the FTSE index on:
FTSE Index Components

Scroll down and download the Spreadsheet
or click here

Open the spreadsheet and remove all column leave only the ticker column.
Save the list into a cvs text file.

Now start NT7 and go to:
File->Utilities->Import Stock Symbols
Change Traded on to Liffe
Change the currency into pounds
Click the button <New> and Type the Name FTSE 100
You can change the session template but not necessary needed
Remove the Separator chars
And press the load button.
Select your file you just saved from the spread sheet ( set file type to any if you cant see it )
After clicking ok you should see the full FTSE 100 list.

Now look for the BT-A.L symbol. It will give an error because Ninja doesn't allow "-" in ticker symbols. And change it into BTA.L We'll come back to this later so that Yahoo will understand this.

Press Ok.

The symbols will be imported.
Click ok to finish.

Now we need to adjust the BT-A.L stock so Yahoo understands us on this stock.
Go to the Tools->Instrument Manager and search for your BTA.L stock
Press edit, and go to the Misc tab and scroll down to the Yahoo field and change the BTA.L into BT-A.L
Press Ok

Now some serious testing and easy usage:
Connect NT with the Yahoo data source:
File->Connect-> your Yahoo connect name

Now go to: File->New->Market Analyzer
Right Mouse click in one of the fields of the market analyzer.
Select Add Instrument List-> FTSE 100

The full FTSE 100 list will appear in the Market Analyzer.

Open a chart File->New->Chart
Scroll down to out FTSE 100 list and select any stock you like and press New
Change in the right column under the Period section the Type to day
And press Ok

You're first UK chart is now on.
Now go to the top right corner of the chart where the close window X is and look a bit to the left there is an L.
Click on this L and select the first color there.

Now go to your Market Analyzer and pick the same color there too also on the right corner. We have now connected the two windows together for easy stock browsing.

Click in the market analyzer on the first stock and the chart should update and show that ticker. Use enter to quickly run through the list.

Good Luck! and safe trading!


Category NinjaTrader 7 Miscellaneous 
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Details: HowTo Setup the FTSE 100 stocks with Yahoo & NT7
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Miscellaneous 

April 25th, 2010
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