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vvScreenShot 5 *
As the name suggests, this little indicator can save a screenshot of a chart (the chart the indicator is applied to) to a user selected folder. It can also upload the screenshot to and copy the link to the clipboard.
And it can even post to BMT.
It works with a little button on the chart(see picture), a button on the toolbar or with the hotkey Alt+P (this can be changed in line 160 of the code).

There are only two parameters to be entered:
the path to the folder NT shall save the screenshots to, default is C:\NTScreenshots and an option to either use the button or the hotkey.
The indicator can easily be applied to many charts without having to fear performance issues.

Thread is here:

Current version is v3.4

Changelog archive can be found in the thread post#1

December 21 2012: v2.4
Fixed a bug where windows in front of chart got caught on the screenshot. Timer function will not work when chart is minimized.

December 29 2012: v2.5
Fixed a bug where window is not fitted on the screenshot.

January 1 2013: v2.6
Major update. Added a setting "Post". When you take a screenshot it opens a dialog where you have to specify the thread id and can add text. The screenshot will be taken right away, not when you press "Post". When you press "Post" it will be posted directly to BMT. For this to work you will have to enter your API key in the indicator settings dialog. It also has a checkbox so you can even select to post text without a screenshot.

January 1 2013: v2.7
Added the option to enter a default thread id. This is purely optional, if left blank it will show the same behaviour as before. If a default thread id is specified, it also can be overwritten manually when you make a post in case you want to post to a different thread than the default.

January 1 2013: v2.8
Multi-line posts now working.

January 2 2013: v2.9
The buttons show the methods now (text for taskbar buttons and color code for chart buttons).
Hot Key is now user selectable, so you can use different ones for different methods.
Bug fixes: post form will not maximize/minimize anymore and will be brought back to front when button is pressed again.

January 2 2013: v3.0
Bug fix in PostPic.
Bug fix messages were not always displayed correctly on chart.

3. Jan 2013 v3.1
Now also works on minimized charts.

15. Jan 2013 v3.2
Corrected bug where price axis got cut off under some circumstances.

17. May 2013 v3.3 Critical Update, update immediately
Changed addresses from http to https, should work again.

10. March 2014 v3.4
Added a new option to only print the chart area itself, no frames or so...
Red "P" does no more show on screenshot.


Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: vvScreenShot
Category: The Elite Circle 

March 12th, 2014
Size: 21.39 KB
Downloaded: 1697 times
Multi-MA DMI 5 *
Hi guys,

With the help of Fat Tails, managed to get a Multi-MA DMI that uses the different MAs for the calculations of ADX, DM and ADXR.

From Fat Tails:

For the Period & Wilder's period

If you select "EMA / Wilder's period = true / average period = 14", then you will get the original ADX. The "Wilder's period = true" setting internally converts the period 14 to the value 27, which is then used by the moving averages.

If you select"EMA/Wilder's period = false/ average period = 27", then you will also get the original ADX. This time there is no conversion, but an EMA(27) is used, which is identical with the Wilder's average(14).

Some of Moving Averages:
Butterworth Filter
Ehlers Filter
Gaussian Filter
LowLag MA
ZeroLag MA

You can specify the thresholds of the upper and lower lines, as well as the colors for the various DM and ADX lines (transparent if you don't want to see them).

Enjoy! =)

P.S. Click the Thanks button if it was helpful to you =)

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: Multi-MA DMI
Category: The Elite Circle 

April 21st, 2013
Size: 45.05 KB
Downloaded: 632 times
View the winning 'starred entries' FootPrintV2 Chart for NT8 5 *
Winning Entry April 1st, 2024 to May 1st, 2024 [1 votes]
Winning Entry March 1st, 2024 to April 1st, 2024 [1 votes]

All important information can be found here: FootPrintV2 Chart for NT8


  • The BarItems have been exported to an own indicator, for further details check the Forum post.

  • Added Depth Profile
  • Added Midas (AVWAP)
  • Small Fixes

  • The indicator doesn't need tick replay anymore.
  • Performance optimization
  • Cumulative Delta optimization
  • Visual optimization
  • Minor Bugfixes

  • A few minor changes

  • Added Cumulative Delta Values on Swing Highs and Swing Lows

  • Renamed "Bars" mode into "Profile" mode
  • Added a per bar Delta Profile in "Numbers" mode

  • Reorganized the top-menu
  • Added configurable Hotkeys to toggle FootPrint and Map
  • Added a real Delta-Mode to the map with opacity based on Delta value
  • Changed the TapeStrip Filter for manual size input
  • Fixed a few minor issues

  • The Auto-Scroll in fixed ChartScale has been improved

  • Added text rows for Delta, Volume and Cumulative Delta

  • Changed the FootPrint Resize- and Scale-Behaviour
  • The indicator now remembers fixed and automatic scale properties when switching between modes.

  • Improved Fixed Scale Auto-Scrolling
  • Improved opacity and readability

  • Improved Fixed Scale Auto-Scrolling
  • Added stacked imbalances
  • Added Volume and Delta per Bar

  • Alerts for stacked Imbalances have been added

Category NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 
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Details: FootPrintV2 Chart for NT8
Category: NinjaTrader 8 Indicators and More 

September 28th, 2022
Size: 33.43 KB
Downloaded: 3885 times

Keywords: footprint profile v2 volume
TimeAtPrice 5 *
Version: 1.1
Platform: NT8

This indicator is born out of my observation of price movement. Price tends to stall at the end of an auction, and it almost seemed to form a support/resistance level. I wondered what that would look like if plotted....hence the Time At Price indicator. This indicator requires tick replay to be enabled and should work on any bar type (although I have not tested this). It measures the interval between ticks and how much time is spent at a particular price level within a bar. It is therefore analogous to the COT but is purely based on time. It then plots a hash mark on the bar corresponding to the most time spent at that price level. Since it needs tick data, best to load without a large look back period (or it will take a while to load).


Please do not distribute outside the community

Version 1.1 - Added ability to restrict the look back period for the indicator (bit of a time savings if you are loading more than a day or two).

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: TimeAtPrice
Category: The Elite Circle 

May 2nd, 2020
Size: 3.19 KB
Downloaded: 560 times
NT7 Forex Tick Data - [22 Pairs - Part 2] - 201110 - 201202 5 *
Forex Tick Data ready to be uploaded to Ninja Trader 7.

Each tick includes a time stamp, price and volume.
The ticks time zone is EST.
The time stamp is at 1 second resolution.
The price is at 0.1 pips resolution.

Total of 04 months of data, starting from October 2011.

[22 Pairs Part 2] =

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: NT7 Forex Tick Data - [22 Pairs - Part 2] - 201110 - 201202
Category: The Elite Circle 

February 13th, 2012
Size: 190.97 MB
Downloaded: 155 times

Keywords: cadchf cadjpy chfjpy data forex gbpchf gbpjpy gbpusd nt7 nzdjpy nzdusd tick usdcad usdchf usdjpy
OHLC Lines v0 5 *
This indicator draw horz lines at OHLC. It also lets you find larger than normal bar by H-L value or O-C value. You can specify drawing on group of bars instead of a single bar. Large bar can be divided into smaller levels by using big bar divisor.

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: OHLC Lines v0
Category: The Elite Circle 

February 11th, 2012
Size: 3.28 KB
Downloaded: 471 times
True Strength Index (TSI) 4 *
Exported using NT Version 7.0.1000.30

The True Strength Index was developed by William Blau and published in his book "Momentum, Direction and Divergence". This version of the TSI is an enhanced version of the NinjaTrader default indicator. It comes with the following improvements:

Momentum period: The original version of the indicator uses the price difference between the current and the prior close, which is the 1-period momentum. The updated version of the indicator also allows for selecting a momentum period greater than 1.

Triple Smoothing: The standard version of the indicator comes with double smoothing for momentum and absolute momentum. William Blau himself also used triple smoothing, This indicator lets you choose between double and triple smoothing. If you set the third smoothing period to 1, you will get double smoothing, and the indicator will display identical results with the NinjaTrader default indicator.

Smoothing with different moving averages: William Blau has suggested to use the EMA for double or triple smoothing. This indicator offers you a selection of more than 30 different moving averages for the smoothing. The default is set to EMA in line with the original indicator.

Signal Line: I have added a signal line for timing entries and exits. The signal line is obtained by smoothing the TSI with one of the selectable moving averages, similar to the signal line of the MACD. The default period for the signal line is 7.

Histogram: The indicator has an option to plot a histogram, which shows the difference between TSI and signal line.

Trend definition: The indicator exposes the current trend via an IntSeries. The trend can be determined based on the TSI (rising & not oversold, falling & not overbought, neutral), the signal line (rising & not oversold, falling & not overbought, neutral)) or the TSI / signal line crosses. All trend definitions are not straightforward, but require a higher close to switch to an uptrend, or a lower close to switch to a downtrend. Moreover the DSM / signal line cross will only show an uptrend, when not oversold and a downtrend when not overbought.

Paint bars: The paintbars can be used to plot the trend information. The trend states are uptrend, downtrend and neutral trend as explained above. It is possible to apply the indicator to the price panel and unselect the indicator plots. This allows to use the indicator as a "paintbar only" indicator.

Sound alerts: The indicator comes with sound alerts which are triggered when the trend changes. The sound files are included with the zip file and should be manually copied into the directory Documents -> program files (x86) -> NinajTrader 7 -> sounds.

Update March 13, 2014: Trend filter, paint bars, sound alerts and histogram added.
Update November 16, 2015: Momentum period added. Option added to select from different moving averages.

Note: The parameter structure of the indicator was changed. In case that you have used the prior version of the anaTSI as input series for other indicators or strategies, these indicators or strategies will only work, if you change the syntax of the indicator call to conform with the new parameter structure.

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: True Strength Index (TSI)
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

November 16th, 2015
Size: 86.86 KB
Downloaded: 2958 times

Keywords: blau momentum. trend truestrengthindex divergence smoothing trendfilter tsi
EasyLanguage Essentials Guide 5 *
This book has been designed with the beginning EasyLanguage programmer in mind. Although comprehensive, it is not designed to answer every question about EasyLanguage.

It is not a complete Reference, but it is close.

Category TradeStation (hidden) 
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Details: EasyLanguage Essentials Guide
Category: TradeStation (hidden) 

February 23rd, 2010
Size: 1.93 MB
Downloaded: 734 times

Keywords: book easylanguage trade station
IchoMoku Kinkyo Ho Pack for NT7 5 *
I converted this pack to run on NT7.

The original work and explanation is here.

There are a lot of files.

Exported using NT7(b20).
NOT 6.5 compatible ( see original for that)

Category The Elite Circle 
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Details: IchoMoku Kinkyo Ho Pack for NT7
Category: The Elite Circle 

September 9th, 2010
Size: 57.30 KB
Downloaded: 1135 times
StochK v0
This indi plots K line only. It colors raising/falling using the new NT7 code.

Export using NT7 .7

Category NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 
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Details: StochK v0
Category: NinjaTrader 7 Indicators 

October 12th, 2011
Size: 8.12 KB
Downloaded: 724 times


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