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Tick Counter that works in Multicharts

Discussion in MultiCharts

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Tick Counter that works in Multicharts

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Edmonton Alberta Canada
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: IRT, MC, NT
Broker: DTN IQ
Trading: ES, EC
Posts: 2 since Mar 2010
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Hi guys

hope you can help me I have been looking for tick countdown for MultiCharts that works.
The fancy shmancy tick counter on the MultiCharts ladder is invisible when price is set to invisible, or in my case it seem to be covered by other studies when I needed.

I have tired few different tick counter indicators with same results: when I can compare them with MultiChart tick counter they are off, in some cases they show a negative number. I presume the indicator is counting volume. I can not seem to find an option in "format study" to make the indicator read ticks, instead off volume.

I see people giving thanx; that the indicator is working for them. I am not sure if my platform got up on the wrong side of the bed, or something has changed in coding as some of the forums I got them of off indicated that these indicators may have been made few years back.

All the ones below do not sinc with MC ticks, and turn negative number closer to the end of the bar.

I had some of these indicators working form me in TS, some of them downloaded from random places. Most i had for few years. Please PM me if you need me to delete any of the code.


[LegacyColorValue = true];

// TickCountDown WAV 7/31/05
//for TS ver. 8.1 or higher

//be sure you use "Tick Count" for volume
//works for both tick and share charts

input: AlertTicks(10), HOffset(3),

vars: txt(-1),TicksLeft(0),color(0);

if BarType = 0 then
//initiate the text variable
if BarNumber = 1 then
txt = text_new(date,time,close," ");

TicksLeft = BarInterval - ticks;

if OneAlert(TicksLeft <= AlertTicks) then
alert(NumToStr(TicksLeft,0)+"-"+AlertText+" alert");

//text color changes with alert
if TicksLeft > AlertTicks then
color = NonAlertColor
color = AlertColor;

//reset at each tick
text_SetString(txt,NumToStr(TicksLeft,0)+" " + AlertText);

+++++++++++++++Code two+++++++++++++++++++

// ==================================================
// PZT TICK COUNTDOWN Indicator (Version 2.0)
// ==================================================


setPosition( 0 ),
tickReg( 0 ),
txtStr( "" ),
txtID( -1 ),
txtPos( 0 );

if BarType = 0 then begin
setPosition = Close;
if BarNumber = 1 then begin
txtID = text_new(date,time,close,"Start");
if horizontalLocation = 0 then text_SetStyle(txtID,1,2)
else text_SetStyle(txtID,1,2);
if time <> time[1] or tickReg <= 0 then begin
tickReg = BarInterval;
if horizontalLocation <= 0 then begin
Text_SetLocation( TxtID,Date,Calctime( Time, -horizontalLocation),setPosition ) ;
else begin
txtPos = setPosition;
tickReg = tickReg - ticks;
TxtStr = "< "+NumToStr(tickReg,0);
if tickReg >= 10 then begin
horizontalLocation = -3-horizOffset;
if tickReg >= 100 then begin
horizontalLocation = -4-horizOffset;

if horizontalLocation <= 0 then begin
if close < open then begin
Text_SetLocation( TxtID,Date,Calctime( Time, -horizontalLocation),setPosition);
else begin
Text_SetLocation( TxtID,Date,Calctime( Time, -horizontalLocation),setPosition);
if tickReg > tickThreshold then text_SetColor(txtID,normalColor)
else text_SetColor(txtID,thresholdColor);

++++++++++Code 3++++++++++++++++

Input: Offset(1), bDrawClose(false), ClosePriceDigits(2), BarsBeforeClose(5);
input: soundFile("c:\WINDOWS\Media\ding.wav"), soundTrigger(1000);

IntrabarPersist Bar_Number( 0 ),
IntrabarPersist Bar_Ticks ( 0 ),
txt(""), snd_ret(true);

//***** Accumulate Intrabar Ticks *****
Bar_Ticks = Bar_Ticks + 1;

// ***** Reset Tick Count Each Bar *****
if BarNumber <> Bar_Number then
Bar_Number = BarNumber;
Bar_Ticks = 0 ;
end; // reset each bar

value1 = BarInterval - Bar_Ticks;

if BarNumber = 1 then
TextID = Text_New(Date, Time, Close, NumToStr(value1, 0))
txt = "< " + NumToStr(value1, 0);
if bDrawClose = true then txt = txt + ", " + NumToStr(close, ClosePriceDigits);
Text_SetString(TextID, txt);
Text_SetLocation(TextID, Date, Time + Offset, Close);
Text_SetStyle(TextID, 0, 2);

if value1 <= BarsBeforeClose then
Text_SetColor(TextID, Green)
if value1 < BarInterval/3 then
Text_SetColor(TextID, Yellow)
if value1 < 2*BarInterval/3 then
Text_SetColor(TextID, LightGray)
Text_SetColor(TextID, DarkGray);

if value1 = soundTrigger and soundFile <> "" then snd_ret = PlaySound(soundFile);

Here are two more tick counters one of them will not even compile. MultiCharts: Trading Software for Automated Trading and [AUTOLINK]Backtesting[/AUTOLINK] &bull; View topic - tick counter not working <-- this one does not update or it is hidden behind the price bars or behind price ladder no matter what right margin is set up at.

Any help with the code would be appreciated.

and remeber to vote for Option to always show the tick

Here is pix of the negative value beside tick counter


MultiCharts Project Management - Issue MC-908 - Option to always show the tick countdown

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DanDaMan's Avatar
Experience: Beginner
Platform: Sierra Chart, NinjaTrader
Trading: ES
Posts: 99 since May 2020
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Hi Roman,

Just wondering if you ever found a fix for this? I've been looking all-over for a functioning tick countdown for Multicharts.
I have the same problem as you, with the built in tick counter getting covered-up on the price ladder. It is also very small and not in a good location.
I spoke with Multicharts support, and they said they have no work-around at this time, and suggested I make a feature request- however a feature request for exactly this already exists since 2015.

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DanDaMan's Avatar
Experience: Beginner
Platform: Sierra Chart, NinjaTrader
Trading: ES
Posts: 99 since May 2020
Thanks Given: 327
Thanks Received: 193


Just found one that works well for me. I've adjusted it slightly so that the font size is larger and user definable when adding the indicator to a chart, and font color is different than original as well.

The original is from a very old post on this website: Tick Counter for [AUTOLINK]Multicharts[/AUTOLINK]? - Coding Forum - Traders Laboratory

And this is the original code from there:

HOffset (2),
VOffset (2),
AlertLevel (300),
TextColor (Black),
TextSize (12);

txt (0),
str (" "),
Count (0),
price (0);

price = close; // price at which the text will be printed

if BarStatus(1) = 0 then //opening tick of each new bar reset params to Zero
count = 0;
CountTotal = 0;
str = " ";

count = upticks + downticks; // total the volume during the bar
CountTotal = BarInterval - count; // Subtract the volume from the Bar Interval Total
str = " "+numtostr(CountTotal,0); // Convert the remaining count to text

if Barnumber = 1 then // First bar print the number text
txt = text_new(date,Calctime( Time, HOffset),close ,str);

end else begin // 'move' the number to the right, update it, instead of delete and redraw. Mo' efficient.

text_SetLocation_s(txt,date,time_s, (h+l)/2);



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Essex, Ontario
Posts: 2 since Dec 2020
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Sorry I'm new at this, is this code an adjustment to have a floating counter like in NT8? Or does this just modify the one already in MC on the Y-axis?


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DanDaMan's Avatar
Experience: Beginner
Platform: Sierra Chart, NinjaTrader
Trading: ES
Posts: 99 since May 2020
Thanks Given: 327
Thanks Received: 193

Floating counter next to developing bar

Sent using the NexusFi mobile app

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Milano ITALY
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: Multicharts
Trading: Mini NQ - Mini DAX
Posts: 5 since Jan 2021
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Goodmorning everyone
I know that the post is very old but, does anyone know if there is the possibility to set the multicharts windows in black color as well as in the the first post photos?

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