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Any good traders on YouTube?

Discussion in Traders Hideout

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Any good traders on YouTube?

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faithdefender's Avatar
Salem VA USA
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There was and is a guy named Atlas FX or AFX and he has a really good strategy he teaches. My husband and I watch him all the time, but for the few months he has taken a vacation. We also like Trader Tok who teaches the M1 and W1 harmonic patterns. We also like a few more, but watch out for from anything Online Trading Academy related. They took our savings. We have learned more from the YouTube world than we did from them. These are only for Forex pairs, but the M1 W1 apply to all assets. They are free.

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Raleigh NC/USA
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Trader Merlin

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 SBtrader82   is a Vendor
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Joseph Connors View Post
I have never understood why a successful trader would be interested in the time and effort required to produce videos and run sites to educate other traders! This "paying back" stuff you hear when they are asked the question "why do you make all the effort to teach other traders when you can devote all your time to making money in the market?" sounds like a load of BS to me!

I suppose that maybe having achieved success their egos need stroking by playing the "Master" and enlightening the great unwashed, but I think it is more likely that they do not trade for a living and instead derive their living from selling videos and courses for something they may not be able to do themselves.

It is possible that someone may know how to trade but not be able to actually do it for a variety of reasons. Let me give you an example: when I was a kid my older brother taught me how to swim. He did it from the side of the pool! He could not swim himself but he knew how it was done. The same concept is at work with sports coaches.

I disagree with you on your concern about losing your edge if you were to share it. That sounds fine in theory but it does not hold in practice. You see, their is nothing new under the sun! The way you trade is practiced by hundreds or even thousands of active traders worldwide and I guarantee you that you do not possess some unique knowledge of trading that no one else has thought of! Besides, the markets are moved by the institutions not by individual traders! Institutions ("The Whales") account for 80-90% of trading volume.

So let not your heart be troubled by the idea of sharing your methodology with your friends. You will not lose your "edge" because in reality, it does not exist!

maybe you are right but I am not so sure that you can't lose the edge. I will give you an example. When the Rubik cube was created it took almost 6 monhts for the creator to solve it the first time. As the time went by more and more people worked on it and became better and better. In the world competition to solve the Rubik Cube the championship was won with ony 22 seconds. .... this was 30 years ago, not the record is 4,9 seconds. If sharing strategies has no impact how is it possible that there was such an improvement?
this is the source:

in case of trading it's even worse, because this is a zero sum game, so basically every dollar you lose goes into someone else's pocket. That's why big trader or big hedge funds like Renaissance are very careful about revealing information.
I think that the fact that it's a zero sum game is really crucial, it makes this game completely different from any other game.

I don't think my edge is very unique, if I can consider it an edge but I would not share setups very openly.
However I must say that looking at how many people are sharing whatever, I will consider to share some market related experiments that I made. I will think about it and share with FuturesIo community.

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New Haven, CT
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SBtrader82 View Post
how do you know he is funded? I cannot see his account anyway on his videos and I can't understand whether he is trading live or sim. Does he show his dashboard? he seems legit though.

I don't really know. He's not a coach or selling anything. I just think it's a combo of ego and added pressure helps him perform. He is responsive to the chat and will answer questions

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huntington beach, ca usa
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Check out Omegavus Trading. They have a daily chat/trading room that you do have to pay a fee for and there are some some additional courses that they donít really promote much so you arenít bombarded with sales pitches. They show their trading charts for several instruments (futures only) and calls live trades from the charts so you know in advance where they want to get in and out of the market. If you sign up for their list they will invite you their monthly (typically) free trial days so you can check them out at no cost. They share enough of their charting techniques to give you a good idea of how to do it your self. And no, Iím not affiliated with them but I do pay the price to attend the room and find their charts uncanny in their accuracy.

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Dallas, Texas / USA
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Evg577 View Post
Hello guys.

Seems like all YouTube "traders" are coaches today. Can you recommend any good trade channel which NOT sell courses but still provide useful (and not basic) information? Will be grateful for a link in DM.

I follow MsIzzy on Twitter
She posts charts and explanations
She trades professionally during the day as well

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 SpeculatorSeth   is a Vendor
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They're all trash

In all seriousness though I'm already seeing some awful recommendations in this thread. People that I'm surprised haven't had complaints filed by the FTC against them already. There's also a number of suggestions from posters that don't post very often which should give you pause.

There's plenty of nice things about YouTube. You can learn a lot of the basics quickly. You can get a closer community which is how it has helped me the most. As a place to search for ideas to generate edge though? Probably the worst place you could look.

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New Haven, CT
Posts: 80 since Nov 2014
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Evg577 View Post
Hello guys.

Seems like all YouTube "traders" are coaches today. Can you recommend any good trade channel which NOT sell courses but still provide useful (and not basic) information? Will be grateful for a link in DM.

Also look up Cardinal Cash and Brian Watt aka Mr. Yen

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I agree with the member Pocketful about Edge Group lead by Antony Drager. It has a nice trading community in which i participated last year for 99 usd a month (price went up tho)_ I also purchased his course and it has a lot of useful information and analysis. He has updates i think every Tue with members_ What i like about this guy i that he will say it clear and he doesnt use half words_
I subscribed to a few websites in the past, however i have seen that all goes fine and you get your email answered or any other answer until they expand and become busier, and i guess that is how life is_
Funny enough i always learned more when i was not paying for a subscription, and that was the case with J, James of school of trade,,,, The guy has been reported multiple times to the Cftc for many reason which i wont mention, and its courses are priced at 5000, however i took the best out of his free setups and patterns and adapted them to my analysis. Adapted means i'm not following by the letter what he says, but i rather take into account the possible scenario and take that into consideration_
I am now curious about Jared Wesley of live traders and would like to join the trial for 1 pound/14 days, but what puts me off a bit, are his pics with ferraris and airplanes, but overall acceptable_ If he had display a Tvr Tuscan i would have already joined :-)

The reason many successful coaches like to sell courses it is simply because trading is a lonely business, and also because when you get new subscribers you are not as tense as when you are trading alone, as when you have a losing day that is backed up by the monthly subscriptions, so you trade more relaxed_ Other reasons could be also the Ego-feed which we all have and by selling courses they become more popular and gain more prestige, especially when considering that the course is solid with all the reviews that will follow on trustpilot and fxpeace army... Someone said that it is Bs selling courses when you are successful, but i think that aside of the Fomo in trading there is also the fear of missing out by not appearing and displaying the capabilities and what one coach can offer to a community_ Not to forget that you make money on youtube when you have thousands of subscribers, so it all adds up_
I have dealt with such people and i can tell how many times per week they check their stats, how many people checked their website, to see from which country people check etc...
It is a hard work and if they can do it, then bless them.

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AllSeeker's Avatar
Mumbai, India
Legendary Pratik_4Clover
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Social media is tool to attract attention, YT is hardly a medium for anyone serious to spend too much time on, especially if you actually do make money by trading.

Trading is arguably one of the hardest things one can pick for making sustainable career, and if you expect anyone to teach/explain how to be successful in it over YT or even on paid courses, you have already been identified as a massive target by sharks

YT however is good place to gather info on random stuff. But that's it, might be helpful for starter.

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