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Ben16JP2's Avatar
New York, United States
Experience: Beginner
Platform: NinjaTrader,TradeStation
Broker: Optimus/Rithmic
Trading: ES
Posts: 75 since Oct 2010
Thanks Given: 179
Thanks Received: 33

Does anyone have any experience with Ace at Acetrades, about the methodology and the course he offers?

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Ben16JP2's Avatar
New York, United States
Experience: Beginner
Platform: NinjaTrader,TradeStation
Broker: Optimus/Rithmic
Trading: ES
Posts: 75 since Oct 2010
Thanks Given: 179
Thanks Received: 33

Would anybody be interested in evaluating Ace at Acetrades at the 3 days of live trading. I would be interested if anybody can give an idea what his methodology might be.

Here is the ad below.

Welcome back to OnlineTrader Central, the Virtual Conference site brought to you through hotComm technology. Traders from every discipline now can visit with the leading software companies, investment resources, trading guru's, and other traders right from the convenience of their computer. OnlineTraderCentral integrates hotComm interactive technologies from 1stWorks so that traders can conveniently extend their exposure to the lifelong learning process of trading.
This Tuesday, January 11, 2011, at 9.30 AM EDT, we will feature Ace of AceTrades:
Your registration today enables you to attend three consecutive free days of LIVE trading on January 11th starting at 9:30AM EDT. You do not need to participate each day but you may if you choose. Again, this is three free days of live trading on Tuesday January 11th, Wednesday January 12th and Thursday, January 13th.
We welcome back The Amazing live numbers of accuracy. Called here and now.
Trading is one of the most lucrative endeavours out there. Our job as traders in any market is to capture intraday price swings. To understand a 5-10-20 even 40 pt range day. To succeed with more wins than losses, and to gain maximum confidence in what we see as price action. Daytrading requires a personality to coincide with the personality of the market that has a potential to either make you or destroy you and your trading confidence. Sound familiar?
Understanding price action and the rules of this auction combined with discipline and sound personal psychology is where this business begins period! From the Acetrades support and resistance numbers to the 90 percent probability price targets how can we go wrong.
From there you can step up to any market at any time on any time frame and start to diagnose with confidence, knowing exactly your location on the map at all times.
You are cordially invited to attend LIVE S+P action with is offering a LIVE DEMO in real auction time.

Why? To show you the perfection of the Ace numbers and how to keep your wins not your losses. The Ace numbers are called with clarity using absolutely no lagging indicators or hidden formulas. Here you will have mentor and trainer to show you the 8 Ace keys to reading price action charts with no indicators. Acetrades will show you how to obtain that winning edge. We will guide you how to read the road map correctly and your inner confidence will naturally follow. Our key numbers are incredibly accurate as is price targets.
Register and view your local presentation time by clicking here then click on Tell A Trader to send this event link to your trading friends if you think they might also find it helpful.
Or visit to see the full list of presenters.
Risk disclosure: There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures, options and forex. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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Linds's Avatar
Victoria, Australia
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NT, MT4
Broker: NT
Trading: Bund , ASX 200
Posts: 417 since Jul 2010
Thanks Given: 982
Thanks Received: 533

Give it a go. But here is my opinion.
I spent some time in the room a while ago. Didnt learn much as he just calls out trades and basically suggests he has the magical secret holy grail ( the 'keys'). His loyal neophytes second that for your benefit. Seemed a selling exercise to me and he came across an arrogant kind of chap.

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Atlanta, Georgia
Posts: 1 since Mar 2011
Thanks Given: 0
Thanks Received: 1

Ace Trades,

I have not had a good experience with this guy. Personality wise, he has an ego the size of Jupiter. Smart Alec as well. At his site if you are a guest and don't agree with him or challenge him on his method, he just boots you out.

He will not disclose anything about his "system" unless you are a member. Just that there are 8 KEYS to learn and they tell you everything. RIGHT!

However if you go to the live trading demo, he calls the "trade when it actually starts running, not before". You could never get filled except at market and all but novices know that's just plain stupid.

It looks as if he (or more probably someone else who actually knows what they are doing) determines broad Support and Resistance levels for the day, then, based on pre market futures action, suggests the markets move.

If he guessed right ( and I think that's all it is---a guess) you'll never hear the end of it. His minions chime in at this time as well, about how great he is.

If he guesses wrong, his response is "we take our little 1 pt. stop and move on". No peanut gallery remarks on the loss however.

But what is really the red flag is you can't find him. No address, phone, just a fax # that goes to a Stationary Store in his town, a Pay for Fax unit.

Not me, no how, no way. Hope this helps.

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Tiberius's Avatar
Coos County New Hampshire
Market Wizard
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker: IB
Trading: ES
Posts: 1,551 since Feb 2010
Thanks Given: 2,982
Thanks Received: 3,404

waste my time with Ace, on the three day trial, I couldn't even sim trade his trade calls......... He promotes the ES and the action is in the 6E and CL. If you want to throw $4000 at something try Dr. Bill..............

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Lake Tahoe
Posts: 2 since Aug 2009
Thanks Given: 0
Thanks Received: 13

Our search for success might be compared to the quest for
the holy grail: we're looking for that one idea that will guarantee
that we can be consistent winners.
That goal is very simple but not always easy.
All of our frustrations and losses come from one source. We had expectations that were not met.
When we want what the market wants, we have no frustrations.
By aligning our own underlying structure with that of the market, we have no unfulfilled expectations.
With this approach, trading is a low-stress way to live. We
learn that we can get into a psychological "no-risk" structure
and have fun.
We realize that if trading is not fun, we are doing
something wrong, and the market, which is our only teacher,
will always always tell us exactly what is wrong and where our
errors lie.
Ace,of has mastered market structure and his 9 keys are all that is really needed to be successful.
The old rule still holds true: The simplest things turn out to be the most profound.

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Big Mike's Avatar
 Big Mike 
Manta, Ecuador
Site Administrator
Swing Trader
Data Scientist & DevOps
Experience: Advanced
Platform: Custom solution
Broker: Collect them all
Trading: Equities, Futures & Crypto
Posts: 49,902 since Jun 2009
Thanks Given: 32,906
Thanks Received: 100,815

@tahoetim, please confirm you are the vendor or are affiliated with them.


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Lake Tahoe
Posts: 2 since Aug 2009
Thanks Given: 0
Thanks Received: 13

Mike,the only affiliation I have is a student of the market and a student of Ace.The above are my opinions and
as such are to be viewed as those of a experienced trader. The secret to success as a trader,imo, is to find a
very low risk method to enter the market and repeat.

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  #10 (permalink)
Wellington, New Zealand
Experience: Advanced
Platform: Ninja Trader, MetaTrader
Broker: AMP
Trading: CL,ES,FDAX
Posts: 9 since May 2010
Thanks Given: 68
Thanks Received: 36

I purchased the AceTades system about 2.5 months ago and I use it daily to trade the ES, often during the early morning hours of the US session, and I’m happy to report that I my bottom line is positive and in the black. That is all that matters to me!

Whilst AceTrades often aims for 5 to 10 point runs, and he does achieve it at least 70% of the time (conservatively), I prefer to scalp in the anticipated direction of the price move. With the indices, I adopt a “scalpers” mentality because that is how the floor trades. Ace hates scalpers but it doesn’t bother me to have to pay the broker his bit if I can consistently scalp 3-4 ticks, 4-5 times during the first hour or two and be completely relaxed about the trades! A solid understanding of market structure and “position sizing” is in my opinion, the key! Perhaps Ace might call it key #10:-).

Admittedly, there have been days (not often though) when the ES refused to cooperate resulting in 3-4 losing trades, but that is just a part of trading and as long as your winners are larger and more frequent than the losers (positive expectancy), than one’s bottom line will be positive. Ace normally calls it a day if he has 3 losers in a row and that is good discipline.

I’ve endeavoured to be as unbiased as I can and I have no axe to grind.


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