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Institutional levels used by professionals

Discussion in Commodities

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Institutional levels used by professionals

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trendisyourfriend View Post
I do not know Fulcrum trader nor have i followed his teaching. However if i understand your reasoning, a person that holds a registration is more worthy of our trust.

hmmm... not quite... holding a registration doesnt make you trustworthy... you have no idea how many crooks have registrations and have run hedge funds and have been CTA's and stolen peoples money....however, holding a registration does make you a professional within the context of FINRA/NFA/CFTC/SEC.. and ensures that you have a very good and clear understanding of how markets functions, instruments, and regulations within the marketplace... also, for most exams you have to be sponsored by a member firm, which usually means some kind of financial services related firm and the registrant holding some sort of job within that firm that exposes him to the requirements for registration/licensing, which then makes you an institutional trader..

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trendisyourfriend View Post
BTW, your 'at from no risk trading perspective' is called a Job with a fixed income.

LMAO.. assuming that I understand your statement properly... given the economy and how things are and that there is no guarantee that one will have a job tomorrow.... I think you might have miss understood what I meant... I was referring to true arbitrage opportunities ... those are the only edges that one can exploit with no risk and what I personally consider no risk.. when no matter what the market does you are guaranteed your profit once you enter the trade.

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trendisyourfriend View Post
IMO, the best definition of what a trading edge really means for the rest of us has been written in an article by Brian Hoffman in his winning argument, it goes like this :

You MUST be able to FEEL and ACT based on your CONVICTION. You must be able to PRESS HARD when you know you are right and STICK WITH your trades when they push against you. Either you are going to get pushed out or your opponent is. Successful trading is about engagement with the other traders. You get a random hand each time. Whoever plays the hand the best wins. The player with the best hand is not always going to be the winner.

I like that quote... gives much reason to think ...

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RabC View Post

On a side note, I'd be under the impression that 'retail traders' and where they place their stops hold negligible interest to institutional traders as the former make up a small % of the overall volume.

You would be correct. Professional traders make their money by creating liquidity for institutional hedgers. Retail traders do not trade enough volume to cover the costs professionals trader incur.

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows..."
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 Big Mike 
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I'd like to also remind everyone, there are a number of hedge fund managers right here on (formerly BMT). I am aware of them as admin of the site, maybe I see their email address, PayPal info if they are an Elite Member, etc. They simply don't post, from what I understand (as I've been told) there are legal reasons that prevent them or complicate things regarding posting, so they don't.

Point is, there are funds out there using some of the same techniques some of you use, just on a much broader scale. Unless you believe they are only here to learn what retail traders are doing so they can do the opposite.


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aligator View Post
Any one knows what the institutional levels for futures are that the professionals use for trading? They can't be pivots or previous day/week OHLC since evryone has access to these numbers.

I saw a webinar by NOFT-Traders. net . they have an order flow pro system that includes the institutional levels pushed to ypur ninja trader 8 charts daily before the maket opens. for $2999.00: stickyman:

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The idea of secret Institutional Levels is rather silly.

The bottom line is that for a market to move, there has to be a lot of participants to change their behavior at the same time.

That happens because of a combination of things.
- levels that lots of people can see
- profit taking
- change in sentiment (macro level, fundamentals etc)
- stops being run
- no longer willing to play in the direction of the market (it's gone too far syndrome).

The concept of an institutional level would mean that multiple institutions are playing WITH each other AGAINST who?

Let's say such a set of levels existed and many institutions traded the same level. So you have 10 institutions all trading the same levels and just Joe Punter at home getting taken out by them...

What's to stop one of the 10 institutions front running the level - getting in a bit early? What's to stop an institution gunning the level to stop the other institutions out?

Comparing the institutional volume against retail volume - if all the institutions are working together to move the markets - who are they making money off? The retail traders? Are they really the majority? If so - how are the institutions able to move the market against the majority.

Just because someone sells institutional levels, doesn't mean they exist. Institutions compete against each other, they don't share notes!

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aligator View Post
Any one knows what the institutional levels for futures are that the professionals use for trading? They can't be pivots or previous day/week OHLC since evryone has access to these numbers.

Are you talking about blocktrades?

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