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dpQGP 5 *
This Code was Ported from the code of DaveP711 from Futures io in Ninjatrader 8 public download section
For more info check his indicator
I didn't have time to add the signals, maybe at later date.
It is a pair of channels, fast (Trend1 and Trend2) and slow (Trend3 and Trend4)
// Remember:
// Due to limitations of Multicharts instead of visual ordering the study to
// the back it is better to add a second data series after you insert the
// study so candles can be visible and to avoid confluence with other indicators
// you may have.
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Details: dpQGP

July 27th, 2023
Size: 2.22 KB
Downloaded: 56 times

Keywords: averages channels cloud trend
Coral Filter 5 *
The Forex Coral Filter now for V1
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Details: Coral Filter

April 27th, 2023
Size: 2.28 KB
Downloaded: 36 times

Keywords: average coral filter forex
Murrey Math Oscillator 5 *
Price Oscillator with Murrey math lines.
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Details: Murrey Math Oscillator

June 27th, 2022
Size: 12.45 KB
Downloaded: 106 times

Keywords: histogram math murrey oscillator
FTLM iT3 Candles Histogram 5 *
This is an FTLM digital filter with a smoothing algorithm, also it shows candle formations in the histogram. The candles help to spot turning points as they get squeezed.
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Details: FTLM iT3 Candles Histogram

June 27th, 2022
Size: 19.07 KB
Downloaded: 65 times

Keywords: digital filter ftlm histogram
RSI Dynamic Zones iT3 4 *
This is an RSI with Dynamic zones with a Smoothing algorithm. It was translated from an MT4 indicator written and shared by Mladen, and now we can use it in Multicharts.

If you Download the Indicator and like please click on the thanks button.

If you have any questions you can go to my Trading journal.
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Details: RSI Dynamic Zones iT3

April 4th, 2022
Size: 7.59 KB
Downloaded: 130 times

Keywords: dynamic rsi smoothed zones
Velocity OrderFlow 1.0 for Multicharts 4 *
Here is the Velocity OrderFlow for Multicharts. It's meant to be used with Footprint charts.
It provides the bid volume, ask volume, delta, and duration of the bar in seconds.
If the duration of the bar is beneath a certain threshold it will plot an arrow over or under the bar
depending on if the signal is bearish or bullish. This is the Velocity arrow. I use Volume charts or contract charts. But it could be used with tick charts as well. I included an indicator called TaiChi it's a good indicator. It's a modified supertrend with no extremes just the middle line.

Test it out, I just coded it in a day so it could have some bugs.

Come discuss the Velocity OrderFlow Tools with me at my trading journal.
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Details: Velocity OrderFlow 1.0 for Multicharts

March 22nd, 2022
Size: 32.29 KB
Downloaded: 132 times

Keywords: footprint multicharts orderflow velocity
Grid Trading Algo 1.0 for Multicharts
This is a Grid trading algo that sets levels based on the tick size, grid step, and grid size. This algo may be profitable with different settings depending on the instrument. I have released it here so it can be tested, modified, or improved into something better. It's very simple the code is simple and clear. I also will include a Grid Levels indicator so you can see where the levels are at.

Come discuss the Grid Trader Algo with me at my trading journal.
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Details: Grid Trading Algo 1.0 for Multicharts

March 22nd, 2022
Size: 32.82 KB
Downloaded: 90 times

Keywords: algo bot grid indicator multicharts trading
Tick Counter
Tick Counter next to the last bar for Multicharts.Net. Be sure to uncheck "skip identical ticks"
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Details: Tick Counter

December 19th, 2021
Size: 1.49 KB
Downloaded: 42 times

Keywords: counter tick
Function for Normalizing Indicator Values 5 *
What follows is a function that normalizes an indicator value between a max and min value of +50/-50. This is a derivation of the normalization function as described in the section "Historical Adjustment to Improve Stationarity" within the book Statistically Sound Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading of Financial Instruments by David Aronson and Timothy Masters.

The goal of normalization is to retain any predictive value of an indicator that gains its importance from its current value relative to recent values. This normalization process imparts stationarity on the indicator. From the text, "In most case, stationarity improves the accuracy of predictive models. (Recall that, roughly speaking, stationarity means that the statistical properties of an indicator do not change over time.)".

The attached function is in easylanguage syntax. It should be able to take any raw indicator value and normalize it by both centering and scaling it within a range of +50/-50.

Attached is a text file of the easy language code.

I hope you find this useful.

08/15/2021 v001 - corrected the function name return value to the name of the text file

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Details: Function for Normalizing Indicator Values

August 14th, 2021
Size: 2.77 KB
Downloaded: 127 times
Stochastic MACD from TASC November 2019
This is the Stochastic MACD Indicator for Multicharts. Enjoy.
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Details: Stochastic MACD from TASC November 2019

March 11th, 2021
Size: 4.74 KB
Downloaded: 78 times


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