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The RangeDisparityMeter Indicator is a powerful tool designed to provide real-time insights into the price movement within a trading session. This indicator offers traders a dynamic view of the current session's price range and compares it to historical data, enabling more informed trading decisions.

**Key Features:**

1. **Real-time Range Monitoring:** The indicator continuously tracks the development of the trading session's price range as it unfolds, allowing traders to stay on top of price movements as they happen.

2. **Historical Range Comparison:** Gain a competitive edge by comparing the current session's range to historical averages. This valuable perspective helps traders identify potential overbought or oversold conditions and assess the significance of price movements.

3. **Visual Clarity:** The Session Range Tracker Indicator presents information in a clear and intuitive visual format, making it easy for traders to spot trends and anomalies at a glance.

4. **Customizable Parameters:** Tailor the indicator to your specific trading strategy with customizable parameters, such as the look-back period for historical range comparisons, reset the range meter at various intervals and visual style preferences.

**How It Works:**

The RangeDisparityMeter Indicator calculates the price range within the current trading session (Yellow Hash Line) and overlays it with historical range data (Gray Bar Graph). By doing so, it provides a visual representation of whether the session's price movements are within the expected norm or deviating from it. This information can be instrumental in identifying potential trading opportunities and risk management.

There is an open thread if you'd like to discuss or report a misbehavior:

 * Change Log (RangeDisparityMeter):
 * [2023-09-21] - [v1.00]
 * 1st time released.
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Details: RangeDisparityMeter

September 21st, 2023
Size: 6.79 KB
Downloaded: 61 times
Session Colors NT8 5 *
This is for NT8 (a conversion from NT7).

It plots three sessions per instance of the indicator with customizable start end times/opacity/colours and each session can be turned off/on individually.
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Details: Session Colors NT8

September 16th, 2023
Size: 3.09 KB
Downloaded: 42 times
VOLCumulativeDisparityMeter 4 *
Unraveling the Cumulative Volume Comparative Indicator named 'VOLCumulativeDisparityMeter'

This indicator is engineered to display the cumulative volume and compare it against historical averages, granting you unparalleled clarity into market activity.

Key Features:

1. Multiple Intra Session Analysis: Our indicator empowers you to dissect your trading sessions into distinct time windows, putting you in the driver's seat to evaluate volume variations throughout the day. You can effortlessly gauge the volume traded during the overnight session, the crucial moments when the regular trading session opens (RTH), the mid-day activity from 11:30 AM ET to 2:00 PM ET, and the volume trends for the remainder of the session. It's all about precision and timing, and this indicator gives you the edge you need.

2. Customizable Parameters: We understand that every trader has unique preferences and strategies. That's why we provide you with four adjustable parameters to fine-tune your analysis. You have complete control over the 'Period' used to calculate the average historical volume, allowing you to adapt to changing market conditions.

3. Dynamic Volume Reset: The Cumulative Volume Comparative Indicator offers five 'Reset cumulative vol. after X minutes' parameters. This feature allows you to set the interval at which the cumulative volume resets, enabling you to track volume dynamics with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you prefer minute-by-minute or customized intervals, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Our Indicator?

Precision Analysis: Gain a deep understanding of volume trends during specific trading time windows.
Customization: Tailor the indicator to your unique trading style and strategy.
Informed Decision-Making: Make smarter trading decisions based on historical volume data.
Real-Time Updates: Stay on top of market activity with up-to-the-minute insights.
How to Get Started:

Download: Obtain the Cumulative Volume Comparative Indicator and install it on your trading platform.
Configure Parameters: Customize the indicator's settings to match your trading preferences.
Analyze: Start using the indicator to evaluate volume trends during different trading sessions.
Trade with Confidence: Armed with invaluable insights, make well-informed trading decisions and maximize your profit potential.

P.S. Text description generated by AI: Courtesy of ChatGPT

There is an open thread if you'd like to discuss or report a misbehavior:


 * Change Log (VOLCumulativeDisparityMeter):
 * [2023-09-18] - [v1.01]
 * A misbehavior for sessions that span two different days (such as CME US Index Futures ETH) has been corrected.
 * [2023-09-21] - [v1.02]
 * A fix has been applied when dealing with a partial holiday
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Details: VOLCumulativeDisparityMeter

September 14th, 2023
Size: 4.17 KB
Downloaded: 92 times
ScalpTrader1 5 *
This is NT8 version of Indicator posted by "phantomtrader" at

I have upadated the version so that sound file can work correctly.
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Details: ScalpTrader1

September 9th, 2023
Size: 12.46 KB
Downloaded: 121 times
View the winning 'starred entries' ActiveGeoKingV1006 5 *
Winning Entry August 1st, 2023 to September 1st, 2023 [1 votes]

**New Version Sept 18/9 V1006**

Auto 3 Swing Indicator with toolbar and comprehensive support/resistance identification

**NOTE** The version has been updated. The previous version must be uninstalled before importing.
1.Open Ninjatrader 8
3.Select ActiveGeoking from the list and process removal
3.Import new ZIP file attached to this listing via TOOLS > IMPORT > NINJASCRIPT ADDON

Hope there are some traders out there that can benefit from this! I spent years perfecting this indicator while I was trading professionally and I am excited to share it with the community.

ActiveGeoking for NT8 leverages its own custom layer built on top of the zig zag indicator to automatically identify the three most relevant swings of any chart. A feature-rich toolbar allows the user to quickly shift the identified swings to their preference.

The identified swings are used to generate a wide array of technical price points based on Fibonacci retracements and extensions, as well as pivot highs and lows, trendlines and corrective/impulsive measured moves from Elliot wave theory. These price points can be considered areas of higher significance for the trader to consider potential future support and resistance to occur.

For anyone out there that is familiar with Bryce Gilmore's book "Trading to Win", this indicator will be recognised as highly aligned with his method of trading. The indicator utilizes an XABCD marking system, also common in other methods of TA.

Inbuilt algorithms detect when price points are invalidated by market movement so as not to display irrelevant price levels wherever possible.

Reporting of price points and swing measurements are all displayed on the screen and can be toggled on and off using the toolbar for all swing degrees and price level types.

The indicator options provide an exhaustive list of configuration options for tolerances and customized ratios for the user's preference.

**IMPORTANT** Ensure enough bars are loaded onto the chart as this indicator requires a decent amount of history for large degree swings
- 15 years for day charts
- 300 days for 60min
- 30 days for 5 min

Check out this thread below for guidelines on the indicators features which I will deliver in bite sizes pieces over time. Feel free to drop in and ask questions or provide feedback

NexusFi > Trading Community > Platforms and Indicators > NinjaTrader > Active GeoKing - Triple Auto Swing Indicator for NT8
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Details: ActiveGeoKingV1006

August 23rd, 2023
Size: 59.95 KB
Downloaded: 864 times
View the winning 'starred entries' dpQGPv1 5 *
Winning Entry July 1st, 2023 to August 1st, 2023 [1 votes]

Oscar Wilde said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So with thanks to the QG Better Channel authors, I have taken that indicator and modified it to better serve my trading style. Here's my dpQGP- QGPair. It is now a pair of channels, fast (Trend1 and Trend2) and slow (Trend3 and Trend4), and as price moves around those channels, signals are generated. Everything is available for your tweaking: channel coloring, signal type/color/size, channel upper and lower parameters.

In the Properties, there is a property named 'ContinuationSignals' and it has a numeric input. That number is the number of bars allowed between price falling below Trend1 and rising back above it for long signals, or price rising above Trend1 and then falling back below Trend1 for short signals. It will become clear when you see it on your chart.

There is a Toggle on the Control line at the top of the chart with options of Off, Single, and Double.
Off = no signals painted
Single = only Trend1 is considered for a signal to paint
Double = Trend1 AND Trend3 must be in agreement for a signal to paint.

You can fine tune the channels by altering their length properties which will make the channels either closer to price action or farther away. Although shown on a 144 tick chart, it works on any time period or tick period, Renko, etc.

I hope you find it useful. As always, please leave some feedback (private or public), good or bad, as it gives me ideas for making it better. Thank you. Dave P.
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Details: dpQGPv1

July 24th, 2023
Size: 10.43 KB
Downloaded: 905 times
Updated version of Toggle Trades 1.2 5 *
Hi everyone,

After silently getting a lot of value from this forum, I thought I'd better start giving back some.

I am new to NT8 programming and started by modifying the ToggleTrades indicator found here, hoping to improve it.
It's a nice little helper button that can quickly let you toggle between seeing/hiding your executions on a chart, without going inside the settings.

Key changes for version 1.2:
- fixed a bug (more of a missing feature, really), where the indicator, if added to one tab, would show on all the tabs but only work on the original tab. Now it'll only show on the tab where you added it
- added the "Markers" option, so now it'll cycle between all 3 possible modes, "No Markers", "Markers", "Markers&Text"
- added a parameter to decide if you want to see the icon or a button
- added parameters to customise the text you see inside the button for each mode (visible text reflects current mode)
- new icon with red/green colours

Nothing fancy here, you just import it like any regular NT8 indicator.
One additional step: you have to copy the PNG file to your NinjaTrader folder, usually in Documents/NinjaTrader8/, after extracting it from the archive

To do: I am not sure I'll ever get to it, but I'd like to:
- be able to mix both modes: show the icon inside the button with text next to it
- be able to tweak the colours for the button
- find a way to embed the icon inside the code so one doesn't have to manually copy it to a separate folder

Suggestions are welcome!
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Details: Updated version of Toggle Trades 1.2

July 22nd, 2023
Size: 3.97 KB
Downloaded: 144 times

Keywords: helper ninjatrader8 nt8 toggle
tiyfOrderLasso 5 *
current version is 1.1 posted July 25, 2023
Seamlessly Link Orders to Visible Chart Plots

This indicator links any order to visible chart plots. It achieves, with minor differences, what the native application Ninjatrader does, but in a more intuitive manner.

It also adds a custom grid with three UI controls: 'Tie,' 'Untie,' and 'Offset' to the ChartTrader panel. By clicking the 'Tie' button while holding down the shift-key, the user can toggle the 'Modify toward the last price' option ON and OFF.

Once imported you'll find it within a folder named "TrendIsYourFriend/tiyfOrderLasso"

There is no parameter to set when you add it to a chart.​

I created a thread if you'd like to discuss it right here.

I have posted a short video on YouTube showcasing it in action:
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Details: tiyfOrderLasso

July 22nd, 2023
Size: 14.96 KB
Downloaded: 85 times
VEMA Indicator for NT8 3 *
This is another Exponential Moving Average indicator that shows the average value of a security's price over a period of time. This is converted from NT7 per this thread:
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Details: VEMA Indicator for NT8

July 18th, 2023
Size: 2.32 KB
Downloaded: 48 times
Ninjatrader Watch Button be Gone! 5 *
This is an Addon that gets rid of the much-hated watch button on Ninjatrader
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Details: Ninjatrader Watch Button be Gone!

May 26th, 2023
Size: 164.06 KB
Downloaded: 140 times
LineBreakWicked Bar Type for NT8 5 *
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Details: LineBreakWicked Bar Type for NT8

May 5th, 2023
Size: 4.77 KB
Downloaded: 532 times
Seasonality Indicator (year) 5 *
This Seasonality Indicator is based on the Ratio-to-Moving-Average Method, a classical time series decomposition technique used for analyzing and forecasting data with seasonal patterns. It works on "Day" charts and uses a cycle of 1 year.
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Details: Seasonality Indicator (year)

April 18th, 2023
Size: 2.59 KB
Downloaded: 100 times
HigherHighLowerLowStochastics NT8 indicator 5 *
This is another simple conversion of a NT7 indicator from this forum:
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Details: HigherHighLowerLowStochastics NT8 indicator

April 10th, 2023
Size: 1.96 KB
Downloaded: 150 times
Invert NT8 indicator
This is another simple conversion of a NT7 indicator from this forum:
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Details: Invert NT8 indicator

April 9th, 2023
Size: 1.81 KB
Downloaded: 66 times
ShowMeTheMoneyFlow3 NT8 indicator
This is another conversion of a NT7 indicator from this forum:
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Details: ShowMeTheMoneyFlow3 NT8 indicator

April 9th, 2023
Size: 2.88 KB
Downloaded: 81 times
COTProxy NT8 indicator
This is another simple conversion of a NT7 indicator from this forum:
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Details: COTProxy NT8 indicator

April 9th, 2023
Size: 1.77 KB
Downloaded: 53 times
Clean Charts NT8 5 *
I'm glad to share with you, this indicator, it's for you to do your analysis, again and again, and you don't want to delete the previous analysis part, this indicator removes the text from the top of the chart, and keeps it clean, it also works for clean the chart during a previous analysis, or you can keep two analyzes at the same time, you can also keep the graph clean at the time you want to leave it blank, here I leave a small video for you to see how it is used, I hope you enjoy it utility.
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Details: Clean Charts NT8

April 1st, 2023
Size: 2.52 KB
Downloaded: 254 times

Keywords: charts indicator clean
Rectangle Extension 5 *
I'm happy to share this indicator, that when you select a rectangle you can extend it into the future, whether it's the next day or several days into the future. I hope you find it useful, and here is a short VIDEO so you can see how it is used.​
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Details: Rectangle Extension

March 16th, 2023
Size: 2.90 KB
Downloaded: 275 times
dpLadder v1 5 *
What is a Fib? Or support/resistance? Or a supply or demand level? All of these terms describe areas on a chart where price action does something; they represent areas where professional traders reveal themselves and their intentions. I had this indicator built by TradingCoders out of Australia, they’ve built many indicators for me and all work extremely well. James, the head developer, can code anything you can think up.

The dpLadder is a swing-based indicator. But what is a swing? It’s a place where price has had a change of heart. I wondered what a chart would look like if, between swing-points, I plotted Fibs. I’m sure many of you had the same thoughts and I decided to automate it. Add the Ladder to your chart. It will automatically use two recent swings as the high and low and plot a Fib between them and will then propagate the ‘rungs’ of the ladder above and below those two swing-points while plotting Fibs between the rungs.

The indicator also has the ability to use a second timeframe and repeat the ladder-building process. So, while my chart may be a 1 minute, internally the indicator can be using a 30-minute data series to plot wider swings and therefore a second set of Fibs. All the Fib lines are color/style/thickness/opacity adjustable.

The controls for the indicator are placed on the chart for fast access. The ‘dpLadder Update’ button will cause the indicator to look for new swing-points. The ‘Show-Hide Fibs’ button will hide the ‘internal’ Fib lines while keeping the primary swing-points, the 0% and 100% lines, which make the rungs of the ladder. The ‘PriceL’ and ‘PriceH’ input fields allow the user to manually choose the swing-points and the indicator will then redraw the chart with those points as the basis for all ladder rungs and Fibs. Input for those fields is entered from the right side.
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Details: dpLadder v1

March 2nd, 2023
Size: 9.36 KB
Downloaded: 694 times

Keywords: fibs swing-points
Delta indicator NT8 5 *
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Details: Delta indicator NT8

January 11th, 2023
Size: 3.63 KB
Downloaded: 490 times
Jeff CCI NT8 indicator 5 *
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Details: Jeff CCI NT8 indicator

January 9th, 2023
Size: 2.86 KB
Downloaded: 169 times
View the winning 'starred entries' FootPrintV2 Chart for NT8 5 *
Winning Entry July 1st, 2023 to August 1st, 2023 [1 votes]

All important information can be found here: FootPrintV2 Chart for NT8


  • The indicator doesn't need tick replay anymore.
  • Performance optimization
  • Cumulative Delta optimization
  • Visual optimization
  • Minor Bugfixes

  • A few minor changes

  • Added Cumulative Delta Values on Swing Highs and Swing Lows

  • Renamed "Bars" mode into "Profile" mode
  • Added a per bar Delta Profile in "Numbers" mode

  • Reorganized the top-menu
  • Added configurable Hotkeys to toggle FootPrint and Map
  • Added a real Delta-Mode to the map with opacity based on Delta value
  • Changed the TapeStrip Filter for manual size input
  • Fixed a few minor issues

  • The Auto-Scroll in fixed ChartScale has been improved

  • Added text rows for Delta, Volume and Cumulative Delta

  • Changed the FootPrint Resize- and Scale-Behaviour
  • The indicator now remembers fixed and automatic scale properties when switching between modes.

  • Improved Fixed Scale Auto-Scrolling
  • Improved opacity and readability

  • Improved Fixed Scale Auto-Scrolling
  • Added stacked imbalances
  • Added Volume and Delta per Bar

  • Alerts for stacked Imbalances have been added
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Details: FootPrintV2 Chart for NT8

September 28th, 2022
Size: 28.42 KB
Downloaded: 3115 times

Keywords: footprint profile v2 volume
BarCounterBPA v1.0 5 *
BarCounterBPA v1.0

Attending the Al Brooks' "Brooks Price Action" discord, I noticed that their bar numbering was only during Regular Trading Hours (RTH), and displayed just the EVEN bar numbers. For instance, for "CME Index Futures US RTH", the numbering began with the second bar after the 0930 EST open, and ended at 1700.

Many thanks to the creator of the BASIS with which I began: Bar Counter Colored, I believe it was.

Options for even OR odd numbers - doing both would take up too much space. Also spacing and coloring options for the numbers, etc., from the original script, unchanged.

Can also optionally number bars in an ENTIRE session....ETH - Extended Treading Hours, for example for "CME Index Futures US ETH".

Enjoy, or modify to suit your needs.
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Details: BarCounterBPA v1.0

September 27th, 2022
Size: 92.08 KB
Downloaded: 167 times
[Status unknown]
AddPlotNames2a 5 *
This indicator will automatically label all plots in the price panel. The plot names are what are assigned by the creator of the indicator, there are no provisions to change the plots names.

You have the options of:
Font type and size.
Area width for labels
background area color
Number of ticks away from the current price (live) or historically the close of the historical bar
No labels.

NOTE: If you scroll the bars and are only looking at historical bars, the label background will change to dim gray to indicate you are not looking at live bars. If you have enabled Ticks away option then the letter "H" will precede the ticks value indicating that the ticks value is from the last closed bar shown. When you return to live bars, the label background will return to your selection and if viewing ticks, the "H will be removed.

Please see instructional video in this thread:
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Details: AddPlotNames2a

September 25th, 2022
Size: 3.39 KB
Downloaded: 449 times
HalfTrend for NT8 5 *
A simple port of the famous HalfTrend indicator.
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Details: HalfTrend for NT8

September 5th, 2022
Size: 8.36 KB
Downloaded: 1101 times

Keywords: half halftrend trend


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