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What programs have you bought? Confess

Discussion in Trading Reviews and Vendors

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What programs have you bought? Confess

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peakskill's Avatar
west greenwich, ri, usa
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker: PFG Best
Trading: gbp/usd
Posts: 31 since Oct 2010
Thanks Given: 52
Thanks Received: 12

I have owned Metastock ProFx which I no longer use (about $2500 with data costs)

Trade now with Ninja which cost me $995 (data is free with PDF)

I have purchased indicators and even system and then when I became a (formerly BMT) member I realized that so many of what I bought or almost bought is already available here. Go figure.

I would guess I have spent $5-$6k. I wouldn't say its all wasted, but I sure could have saved a bunch knowing what I know now (I wonder what I will know later...)

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BeachTrader's Avatar
Phoenix AZ
Experience: Beginner
Platform: NinjaTrader
Broker: AMP / CQG
Trading: CL, ES, NQ
Posts: 310 since Nov 2011
Thanks Given: 153
Thanks Received: 432

Long ago:
Wizetrade was the first <==== pretty embarrassing
Mel Raiman's Precision Trading System
MarketGauge Hotscans
Shogun Trading (day trade room)
Fibonacci Trader
Hawkeye (room only. got the indies free from another site)
Trading the Markets (room and indies)

More Recently:
Jason Stapleton's Forex Boot Camp
The Intentional Trader (room and indies)
OFA class (just purchased this week. have not purchased software yet)

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sharky's Avatar
Legendary Market Wizard
Experience: Advanced
Platform: NinjaTrader, tradingview
Broker: Private
Trading: Crypto and natural gas
Posts: 1,063 since Jun 2009
Thanks Given: 625
Thanks Received: 3,906

ok my turn lol,i wasnt born a trader i had to learn the hard way also

Net picks (junk)

Jurik (junk)

EOTpro (soso)

Blue wave (gave me some ideas)

Kellys indicators (junk)

Felton trading (gave me some good ideas)

Rjay (love the renko hybrid bars)

Schools, OTA. if you didnt know anything about trading then it is a good scool to learn the basics but you will pay 5 grand for a week,i think you could learn for free the same stuff off the internet.

learned from Sam Sieden
learned some from Richard from Move the markets
learned some from different guys at (formerly BMT)

learned the most from just watching pro's trade and asking alot of questions.

methods that have helped me the most, s/r,pa and learning to see trends and consolidation...sharky

oh i forgot another thing that taught me alot about market behaviour was spending hr's curve fitting indicators to my charts,it never made the indicators work right but taught my eye what to look for to make a good entry into a trade.

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Leesburg, VA
Experience: Advanced
Platform: NinjaTrader
Posts: 80 since Aug 2010
Thanks Given: 78
Thanks Received: 35

longboat View Post
I thought it would be interesting (if not sickening) to start a thread where (formerly BMT) members can name what trading software, programs, methodologies, products, e-books etc. they have bought over the years.
Our friend Bobby started a thread about 10k spent on education and not profitable. that I thought was interesting. I think I spent over 10k. with the products that I list below.
I don't want this to turn into anyone recommending any product and I know Mike doesn't either so please respect this wish. It is too easy for someone to join and plug a product. If somebody absolutely wants to know experiences about a certain product or the experience a poster may have had, I suggest they private message the poster and it is up to that member if they want to respond. Don't be upset if they don't.
Trading methods I believe are user specific. A few of the these products are successful but just not for me. The stops were too big, the draw down too big or the risk reward too small etc. Find out what targets, stops and draw down you are comfortable and find one that fits. It won't work if you try to adapt to their parameters.
I will also say that I am not actively using any of the products below anymore. For new traders starting out I suggest that you save your capital and learn from some of the great traders that have shared their methods here on Big Mike's. I specifically want to thank Charles B, Wizard and Sharky. I think their methods are better than most products out there selling for thousands of dollars. Thanks for sharing guys!
There are pros and cons with all these and I have generally found something from some of them that has proven to be helpful, but not for the amount of money they charge! In the end it is price action. Study price action. Indicators are not the Holy grail. They lag and are usually good for confluence, that's all folks...........

Ok, in no specific order some are way more expensive than others and some I only spent 1 or 2 months in their trade room for a fee.

NetPicks Ultimate Swing Trader
TrendFund Will Scheier Futures Course
Emini Trading Solutions


I too want to thank sharky and the wizard. Not familiar with Charles B. Can anyone provide a pointer?


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Rad4633's Avatar
Greensboro NC
Experience: Advanced
Platform: TOS/ NT Dorman
Trading: ES TF CL
Posts: 1,357 since Sep 2011
Thanks Given: 2,657
Thanks Received: 894

I have bought none, attended well know classroom 7 mths ago, you know where speaker yes speaker not trader tells you how and why you need this. I got tired of here him go on and on about stuff in real world conditions that wouldnt WORK. He kept on saying you have to be open minded to learn, I kept calling BS, So I stopped him told him if one of his classroom traders(speaker was the owner too how ironic is that!) would show me live Id sign up this was a $7500 class1 of 3 total =$22500....He declined. Also I pissed him off because I ran a quick PNL on him just to prove his business model wasnt trading it was teaching.too funny

I did read my first book ever, it was on trading dont even remember the name of it.

So I paid all my money to the School of Hard Knocks and the market showed me its moves, I have learned from so many threads and applied to what the market had shown me. Im still learning to improve my style. Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE HERE SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR LITTLE SUGGESTIONS,SELECT COMMENTS, AND OVERALL HELP>>Thanks so much guys

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes

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mmtrader4's Avatar
Chicago, IL
Experience: Advanced
Platform: NT7 Newest Version
Broker: Ninja
Trading: TF, NQ
Posts: 33 since Mar 2010
Thanks Given: 37
Thanks Received: 87

If I named all the programs and indicators I've bought or rooms I've been part of, I'd need my own page. So I'll just stop here and say, the only method you need is the one you adopt as your own.

BUT, you must be sure it works and follow it!

It was an expensive hard lesson to learn. Should have used all the money I spent instead for trading capital.

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desert CA
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: NT7, various
Broker: various, TDA
Trading: NQ,ES
Posts: 2,124 since Jul 2011
Thanks Given: 2,396
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Rad4633 View Post
He kept on saying you have to be open minded to learn, I kept calling BS, So I stopped him told him if one of his classroom traders(speaker was the owner too how ironic is that!) would show me live Id sign up

Agreed. I've seen too much of the same pattern. The use of the "open minded" bait. Vendor spends too much time and effort promoting instead of actual trading if they do or did any successful trading ever. I would have more confidence in the vendor if there were student testimonials and proof and records of trading success, or evidence of a team member who does actual trading and not just aggressive sales in the vendor organization even though there's little to go on. A hedge fund or private equity firm trader would be the best mentor-educator, but they are actually trading and would rather trade my funds instead of selling education.

For example, one time I signed up with Preston James' website services based on his radio ad. His stock and option calls weren't any better than Cramer's. For every "winner" there were two or three major losers. then after a few months, almost every two months a different person kept calling me asking me if I wanted a "mentor service" $6k for the basic, and $10k for the "master" program. (which was nothing when I asked but a "program" with a lot of "homework" to do for the client, and maybe 4 weeks or so of "telephone" mentoring) At least 5 different people called me throughout the year. Even annoyingly called me at work hours. Now I think it's all a big telemarketing sales affiliate program. Luckily I had moved and changed my number. But I still get the idiotic emails ads as Preston tries to promote a young early 20's something "wizkid" options trader "Karson Keith" with his own new scam business. I even got one postcard. But I guess they couldn't afford sending me anymore snail mail and I was finally out of their reach.

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longboat's Avatar
Philadelphia, Pa
Experience: Advanced
Platform: Ninja Trader
Broker: Amp/CQG
Trading: CL, ES
Posts: 149 since Jun 2009
Thanks Given: 902
Thanks Received: 217

buzzsaw View Post
I too want to thank sharky and the wizard. Not familiar with Charles B. Can anyone provide a pointer?


Charles requested the thread be closed but you can read his basic method before it gets diluted by others "trying" to improve it.
"My 6E trading Strategy"

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Rahimseven's Avatar
Bangkok Thailand
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: MT4
Broker: FXCM
Trading: Forex
Posts: 5 since Oct 2011
Thanks Given: 6
Thanks Received: 4

Rockwell Trading
Joe Ross- Law of Charts
Joe Ross- Day trading Book
Joe Ross- Trading By The Book
Joe Ross- Trading Opture and Fusions
Joe Ross= Trading Spreads and Seasonals
FAP Turbo Notebook Ambush trade method
Ken Calhoun and Steve Nison workshop

Over 100 books

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furytrader's Avatar
Lake Forest, IL USA
Experience: Intermediate
Platform: MultiCharts + CTS T4
Broker: Advantage Futures,
Trading: YM, ES, EU, US, S
Posts: 153 since Jun 2011
Thanks Given: 109
Thanks Received: 147


What did you think of those books? What were most helpful to you?

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