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EasyLanguage ADXVMA Indicator

Discussion in EasyLanguage Programming

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EasyLanguage ADXVMA Indicator

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Hello Mike
I have import thie Adxvma S/R im my chart .. is in red dots ..
I just have supports not resistance ? normal or ?
is a TF graph for Apr 21
Thank you

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Big Mike View Post
Here is the ADXVMA function and indicator for EasyLanguage - TradeStation/MultiCharts. I am unsure of the original author, this is a conversion from NinjaTrader.

I've built it as a function so you can use it in signals easily. The attached .pla MultiCharts file is both the function and the indicator.

Hm, there's something weird about this function. I've double checked it with two NinjaTrader ADXVMA indicators from the forum here, but although the code from NinjaTrader and MultiCharts is the same, the results are wildly different:

Anyone knows what can cause this difference?

Little update February 16th:
Though Mike coded the function correctly (thanks Mike ) and my converted function works the same, the code from the NinjaTrader indicator is somewhat sloppy and I wouldn't be surprised if NinjaTrader used some other calculation method than MultiCharts.

There are some 'weird' things in the code, like using the constant i value of 0 for serializing (what's the point of that?), or code like:
if (DI_Sum>0)
    Out.Set(DI_Diff/DI_Sum);//Factional, near zero when PDM==MDM (horizonal), near 1 for laddering.

Out.Set(((WeightDX-1)*Out[i+1] + Out[i])/WeightDX);
I don't see the point in setting the value of Out twice this way, but that's perhaps that due to me not using NinjaTrader extensively.

Perhaps I made a mistake, and by the way, I'm not saying that the MultiCharts function cannot be used or gives wrong signals. Just that the results are different from the NinjaTrader version.

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 Fat Tails 
Berlin, Europe
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I have revisited the NinjaTrader code for the ADXVMA, and found it extremely dirty with a number of bugs and inconsistencies. As somebody wanted to use it, I took the challenge to clean it up. I am posting the code here,

- because the Easy Language version is already much cleaner than all NinjaTrader versions
- because it helps to understand what the indicator actually does

Here is the code. k is a smoothing constant of an exponential moving average based on Wilder's average ( that is the 1/n method as opposed to the 2/(n+1) method later used as a result of the assimilation between SMA and EMA). The various periods ADXperiod, weight DX etc. are replaced with a single period. The useless parameter i is dropped (as for the MultiCharts version). Double variables are not compared to zero but to the value double.Epsilon to take into account the error term. For the initialization of the first value for the ADXVMA 0 has been replaced with Input(0). The version now allows for calculating the ADXVMA from other values than the Close series.

Clean code for comparison with the Easy Language version is here:

double currentUp = Math.Max(Input[0] - Input[1], 0);
double currentDown = Math.Max(Input[1] - Input[0], 0);
up.Set ((1-k)*up[1] + k*currentUp);
down.Set((1-k)*down[1] + k*currentDown);
double sum = up[0] + down[0];
double fractionUp = 0.0;
double fractionDown = 0.0;
if(sum > double.Epsilon)
	fractionUp = up[0]/sum;
	fractionDown = down[0]/sum;
ups.Set((1-k)*ups[1] + k*fractionUp);
downs.Set((1-k)*downs[1] + k*fractionDown);

double normDiff = Math.Abs(ups[0] - downs[0]);
double normSum = ups[0] + downs[0];
double normFraction = 0.0;
if(normSum > double.Epsilon)
	normFraction = normDiff/normSum;
index.Set((1-k)*index[1] + k*normFraction);

hhv = MAX(index,period+1)[0];
llv = MIN(index,period+1)[0];
double vDiff = hhv-llv;
double vIndex = 0;
if(vDiff > double.Epsilon)
	vIndex = (index[0] - llv)/vDiff;
ADXVMA.Set((1 - k*vIndex)*ADXVMA[1] + k*vIndex*Input[0]);

The indicator can be downloaded here:

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Amarillo, Texas, USA
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Where can i find the signal that works with this indicator for use in automated trading?


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Jura View Post
Hm, there's something weird about this function. I've double checked it with two NinjaTrader ADXVMA indicators from the forum here, but although the code from NinjaTrader and MultiCharts is the same, the results are wildly different:

Anyone knows what can cause this difference?

Here is the updated version of ADXVMA. I think it should work similar to the NinjaTrader version, can you please check?

// Big Mike Trading
// April 17 2010
// Converted from NinjaTrader version, original author unknown
// Function

    Price (NumericSeries),
    Length (NumericSimple);


once ma=Price;    

if(Price>Price[1]) then begin
end else begin

pdm=((WeightDM-1)*pdm[1] + pdm)/WeightDM;//ema.
mdm=((WeightDM-1)*mdm[1] + mdm)/WeightDM;//ema.


if (TR>0) then begin    
end else begin

pdi=((WeightDI-1)*pdi[1] + pdi)/WeightDI;//ema.
mdi=((WeightDI-1)*mdi[1] + mdi)/WeightDI;//ema.
if (DI_Diff<0) then  DI_Diff= -DI_Diff;//Only positive momentum signals are used.


DI_Factor=0;//Zero case, DI_Diff will also be zero when DI_Sum is zero.

if (DI_Sum>0) then output=DI_Diff/DI_Sum else output=0;

output=((WeightDX-1)*output[1] + output)/WeightDX;

HHV = HighestFC(output,Length+1);
LLV = LowestFC(output,Length+1);

diff = HHV - LLV;

if (diff>0) then  VI=(output-LLV)/diff;

ma=((ChandeEMA-VI)*ma[1]+VI*Price)/ChandeEMA;//Chande VMA formula with ema built in.
ADXVMA = ma;

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Sharon, MA USA
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Big Mike View Post
I believe in laymens terms it uses a VMA and ADX together to plot the MA. The MA is primarily based on the VMA of price but uses the ADX values to determine volatility, adjusting the VMA by the volatility.

As I am not the original author I can't say for sure, but that is what I see from glancing at the code.


ADX is a strength of direction indicator. It does not indicate direction. Typically it is used to determine whether a breakout is valid, or the converse, that a break may be about to occur because of the lack of directional strength.

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